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Year: 2014

Jeremy Geddes is a fabulously talented Melbourne painter, most well known for his signature Cosmonaut images.
03 Dec., 2014

Peter Lambropoulos, commonly known as Petlamb, is a Melbourne Based artist working primarily in photography.
07 Nov., 2014

After trying out 4K properly for the first time, here are some thoughts about their impact.
07 Nov., 2014

Andrew Marlton (First Dog on the Moon) is the resident cartoonist at The Guardian newspaper.
03 Nov., 2014

Alexander Stitt is one of Australias most beloved artists, best know for best known for the beloved Norm from the ‘Life. Be in it’ campaign.
07 Oct., 2014

Software to make your printing process hassle-free.
03 Oct., 2014

The beginning of a new era in high resolution colour accurate monitors.
29 Sep., 2014

An exhibition of artwork based on the flight path of birds.
02 Sep., 2014

A very simple summary of the 4 key tools required to solve your colour problems.
01 Sep., 2014

An exhibition based on the concept of the Australian ‘dream home’ and what form these dreams take.
04 Aug., 2014