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Professional, Hassle-free Epson Printing with Mirage Software

3rd October 2014 General Articles

Key Benefits:

  • Unified interface to control all Epson printing options – clear and simple
  • Print multiple files at once
  • Easy page layout, tiling, and bypass driver size limits
  • Powerful and simple preset management with all options saved, including colour management settings
  • Runs as a Photoshop plugin or standalone application
  • Jobs archive – easy, completely consistent re-prints!
  • Use all your existing ICC profiles/any standard printer profiles, you do NOT need to learn/use CMYK!

More Detail:

Modern printers like the Epson 3000, 3880, 4900, 7900, 9900 etc., are amazing machines capable of world class printing results – indeed, the vast bulk of award winning and exhibition level photography is now printed on machines like these. The big problem with these machines is in fact their drivers – they’re often needlessly complicated and difficult to use. Consequently, there are a number of alternative software packages designed to make this easier.

Mirage, probably the best software to drive Epson printers, provides a simple, intuitive and easy to use one-window interface which makes the (potentially daunting) professional printing process hassle-free. In addition to a really clear GUI, Mirage also offers the capability to remove the standard driver length limits – meaning that you’ll now be able to print on roll media without the usual complexities involved with this kind of printing.

Mirage has a plug-in for most popular Adobe programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, which enables you to speed up your workflow and work more efficiently. It features a preview window that allows you to see the exact prints that will result in terms of layout AND colour (if working in a completely colour accurate environment i.e. calibrated colour accurate monitor, and using accurate custom printer profiles, etc).

Mirage is available in various editions to suit your specific Epson printer type – the most common being Small Studio, 17″ Printers, and Master Edition for Epson. Mirage also has the capability to upgrade your current edition to the next if you upgrade your printer, meaning you simply buy the software once, and expand from there.

We are currently offering Mirage at a reduced bundle price when ordering with the Epson 3880 Printer or you can purchase it separately. Contact us if you have any questions or are looking for software to suit your particular printer.