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Epson have some great cashback offers on P405 and P600 Printers, plus get a P800 Roll Paper Unit for just $1 (valued at $249)!
01 Jun, 2018

Epson have just released a fantastic Mirage software and printer bundle for the Epson P800 and P5070 printers. Limited stock available!
18 May, 2018

The BenQ SW271 is a sign of things to come - affordable high quality 4k wide gamut monitors are finally here!
06 Mar, 2018

Information on how to upgrade your Mirage Software to Version 4.
11 Jan, 2018

They're the the two top calibrators - which one should you choose, and why? (Hint: the i1Display Pro!)
11 Jul, 2017

There's currently an issue with MacOS 10.12.4 (Sierra) and older Eizo CG models - read this for a workaround.
21 Apr, 2017

Considering an NEC Colour Accurate Monitor in 2017 in Australia? Read this!
22 Mar, 2017

Ilford have just released two new papers into their popular Galerie fine art range - Washi Torinoko & Semigloss Duo
28 Oct, 2016

Price reduction on Small Format Fine Art Printers - Epson SureColor P405 & P600
08 Jul, 2016

The lowdown on the new NEC monitors.
05 May, 2015