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Year: 2013

The only problem with this test is…it doesn’t really work.
22 Nov., 2013

We couldn’t have picked a more deserving winner ourselves...
14 Nov., 2013

We were thrilled to be part of Illustrators Australia's quarterly magazine.
01 Nov., 2013

An interesting development in colour accurate monitors...
18 Oct., 2013

End of Year Student Folio Submissions & Exhibitions - 25% off sheet printing.
14 Oct., 2013

Opening on October 19th 2013 at Abbotsford Convent.
11 Oct., 2013

A series of new portraits inspired by natural history and Northern European folk tales.
03 Sep., 2013

Awards can help bring publicity and legitimacy to your practise, but keep it in perspective.
01 Aug., 2013

A colour accurate monitor that offer an amazing combination of quality, flexibility and ease of use.
12 Jul., 2013