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Discounts & Sponsorships



  • Note that discounts are off normal pricing only and items already on sale are excluded. 
  • Discounts cannot be retroactively applied to any orders you have made in the past, be that one or many days ago - sorry!

Education Discounts

These discounts are open to both current students and staff of educational institutions on presentation of a valid, current photo ID and/or an official purchase order on institutional letterhead.

Staff may purchase for private use, or use at the institution itself, at the discounted price.

To receive the discount, please email [email protected] your contact details, what you are ordering, and attach a copy of your currently valid student or staff ID card.

Current Discounts:

  • All BenQ Colour accurate monitors (excluding the BenQ SW240, SW270c) - 10% off our normal pricing
    (we are the exclusive BenQ Education Partner)
  • All Eizo CS and CG monitors - 10% off our normal pricing
  • N.B. These discounts can not be used in combination with any other offers/promotions

Student & Professional Association Discounts

We currently offer discount pricing to full time to students and Illustrators Australia (I.A.) members on confirmation of student ID or membership. Simply email a copy of your student ID or I.A. membership confirmation to [email protected]. Once this has been confirmed, the discount will be applied automatically when placing an order online.

At the end of each year we refresh our discount lists. To continue to receive a student or Illustrators Australia discount for the next year we do require updated student ID or I.A. membership confirmation to be provided.

Student Discounts


  • 5% off all inkjet papers


  • Sheet Printing - save ~ 30%!
    A4 - $10, A3 - $20, A3+ - $30, A2 - $40
  • Roll Prints - 10% off all Roll Prints
  • Scanning - 10% off Scanning & Retouching services
  • Custom Profiling - $40 for Printer Profiles (usually $50)
Illustrators Australia Discount
  • 10% off all Services


We love to support local artists and whenever possible try to provide sponsorship in the form of discounted services (printing/scanning) or service vouchers for awards.

While we can't support all sponsorship requests, we do assess each proposal on an individual basis and the information you provide will contribute to our decision.

Please include detailed information about your exhibition or event including what type of sponsorship you would like, your existing relationship with Image Science (we of course prioritise requests from those who already work with us), and how you plan to promote your exhibition or event.

Images of your work are also a huge benefit so don't forget to include these as well. Please send all sponsorship proposals to [email protected]

Coupon Codes

From time to time, we will have coupons codes that you can enter to receive discounts and specials. You can enter these in the cart when you review your order. 

Note: You can only apply one coupon code per sale and only once per customer in most cases.