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Drop Shipping

(AKA Blind Shipping)

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We're very often asked if we offer drop shipping services (AKA blind shipping services) - and the answer is yes!

We can safely drop ship your beautiful prints direct to your customers - without branding, or an invoice.   

Arranging Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is really easy to arrange with us.

Here's the gist:

  • Order your prints online using our order form
  • Make separate orders for each drop shipment.
  • For each order - use your own details for the Billing Address
  • For each order - your customer's details go in to the Shipping Address - please enter these carefully!
  • Pop a note in the order comments to remind us this is a drop ship (never hurts!) - and if you have materials here to send with your prints, remind us of that, too!   (We ship a LOT of prints!!)
  • Because we send so many things to so many people, our shipping costs do vary by postcode.  Our online cart will work it out for you with each order.  (But of course you might choose to average this out at your end to keep things simple for you customers).
  • We'll pack your prints safely, without our branding.
  • We email all invoices directly to you, thus not to your customer.
  • All shipments are sent by Australia Post eParcel and can go to any Australian address - you can choose standard or express service at checkout, on an order by order basis.
  • We'll email you a tracking number when the order ships.  You'll need to liaise with your customer, or directly with Australia Post, if you need to track a delayed package, or divert it, etc.

Want to include some extras?

We can even add extras to your order (as long as they can be packed in nicely with your prints without needing significant extra packaging.

Perhaps you have some cool stickers, or your own print handling information and/or how to frame information?  Or you just want to send a nice thankyou note.

Just bring in or send us a stash of these, and we can keep them here, waiting for your future orders. 

Remember to pop a note in with your order comments and we'll include you materials with the prints when they are sent out.  (If we're running short, we'll let you know and you can supply some more).

The Fine Print

We're happy to do this for you up to about 15 prints a week per customer.

Once you're over this level, you'll need to think about handling your own logistics as we begin to get distracted from our main work by all the packing work.   Occasional spikes in levels are ok, but if you're consistently sending more than this then you've reached the limits of what we're willing to offer here,

Inclusion of extra materials you have supplied is on a 'best effort' basis.

If we happen very rarely to miss your materials on an order, through misadventure - or, say, we run out of your materials before you've sent more or something - we're sorry but we won't then send these out later or anything.  (We can't recall this ever actually happening but....just in case, this is the fine print!).

Our insurance covers replacement prints only. 

We're doing this to help you run your business more successfully - but we can only take responsibility for the quality of the prints and getting them to Australia Post.  If there is an issue - a print is damaged or lost, we'll be happy to re-print and re-send, once that has been properly established.

In general the success of shipments comes down to you entering the shipping details fully and correctly.  The speed mostly comes down to you choosing standard or express service.

No Guarantees - Express or Implied.

Beyond a good faith best effort to print, check, pack appropriately, and pass on to Aus. Post using the information as you provide it - we make no guarantees whatsoever about anything - including hitting any particular timeline (either with the printing, or the delivery) - or anything else.  To be very clear - we take absolutely no responsibility for  your business, its reputation, or your promises about service/goods delivery you may have made to anyone else.