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Image Science

Print Packaging & Finishing

We've sourced some really superb products to help you polish, preserve and present your images.

Most of these we use daily here in our own services work.

We also have an article with a lot of advice on packaging prints in general here:

Signing Prints

Hahnemühle now have an excellent and easy solution to the classic 'which pen to use' problem.

Archival, Crystal Clear

We import the very best print bags made in the world (we'd love to go with an Australian option, but they're just not as good - we've looked!).

Beware of similar looking imitations - they're just not as crystal clear and true to your print colours as these bags. Made from intert BOPP plastic, these acid free bags are perfectly safe to store your images in for lengthy periods. There's enough room in the bags to insert acid free backing board or foamcore behind your print, which makes them perfect for contexts like market stall displays.

We've got you covered for all the standard A print sizes - A5, A4, A3, A3+, A2 and now available in A1!

Our card size bags are chosen to be a perfect match to our inkjet printable Artist's Cards. With just those two products you can easily make boutique, custom printed cards with sale-ready presentation.

Crystal Clear Archival Bags for Prints
Crystal clear bags in A5, A4, A3, A3+, A2 and A1 for archival print packaging.
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High Quality, Acid Free

Backing Boards & Interleaving Sheets

We have archival white backing boards to use in combination with clear bags to present your fine art prints in a professional manner. They are available in 25 packs in A5, A4, A3, A3+ & A2 sizes.

We also have protective and archival interleaving sheets to use if you're storing multiple prints in bags/boxes.

Backing Boards For Prints
Archival white backing boards - use with fine art prints for professional presentation & storage purposes. (FSC certified, 100% recyclable).
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Ilford Galerie Fine Art Glassine 50gsm
Acid free non-printable interleaving sheets - impervious to water and air, suitable for protecting and storing your fine art prints.
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Sturdy, White Cardboard

Rigid Mailers

Rigid mailers are an easy & economical way to send small prints. They're very very stiff, keeping your prints perfectly flat, and are available in A5, A4 and A3 sizes. 

Rigid Mailers For Prints
Inexpensive, stiff, strong, and fully recyclable - these are ideal mailers for sending out prints.
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High Quality, Industry-Standard

Rotatrim Rotary Trimmers

Rotatrim make the de facto industry standard rotary trimmers (guillotines). By utilising only the finest quality and precision engineered components, which are then hand assembled by skilled engineers, Rotatrim's range of precision trimmers are unrivalled in their quality, accuracy, reliability and longevity.

These professional-grade cutters by Rotatrim are an essential addition to any fine art printing business or studio and are available for various print sizes up to 1374mm (54") wide.

Rotatrim Rotary Trimmers
Rotatrim Trimmers - the industry standard rotary trimmers (guillotines) for various print sizes up to 1374mm (54"!) wide.
N.B. Please visit the full listing for important info on some variants.
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Image Science's Unique

Inkjet Print Retouching Kit

Our unique Inkjet Print Retouching Kit is the perfect solution to those white 'holes' you get sometimes when using dusty fine art papers - we get orders for these from all over the world!

Just like in the days of old with black and white darkroom print spotting, a whole print shouldn't be wasted for one tiny blemish - with this kit, some practise and a steady hand, you can spot repair these pesky white dots!

Inkjet Print Retouching Kit
Our unique inkjet print retouching kit. Super handy for getting rid of little white dots you sometimes get with fine art papers!
We no longer produce these kits, but it is easy to create a similar kit for yourself.
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If you need to coat your prints or canvasses for extra protection, these are great products to choose. Archival tested, and easy to apply.

Of course, as with any product like this, test & perfect your technique on spare materials before you coat your valuable prints. The secret is (nearly always) less is more. And use a proper sprayer or high density foam roller.

The protective spray is invisible on everything except gloss materials, and is really a sealant for your prints - helping them to further resist atmospheric pollutants like ozone (tests show prints last as much as double the time with this spray in unframed tests).

The varnish is typically used with canvas prints only, and is a thicker visible coating. We like the matte coating the most, but you can even mix the three types to get just the right level of gloss you're after.

Hahnemühle Protective Spray
Protective spray for use on inkjet prints - fast drying and non yellowing.
N.B. Item can't be shipped & needs to be picked up from Image Science.
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Ilford Canvas Protect Liquid Laminate
A new canvas coating from Ilford - perfect for protecting and enhancing your canvas prints!
N.B. Please visit the full listing for important info on some variants.
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Ilford Galerie Creative Emulsion
A water-based inkjet receiving emulsion which is applied to uncoated paper to create a bespoke look and feel to your final printed image.
N.B. Please visit the full listing for important info on some variants.
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