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Made in Switzerland by Ilford

Ilford Galerie Creative Emulsion

A water-based inkjet receiving emulsion which is applied to uncoated paper to create a bespoke look and feel to your final printed image.

Ilford Galerie Creative Emulsion Blend A 1L (sku: ACC_ILCE_2005058)
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Ilford Galerie Creative Emulsion Blend B 1L (sku: ACC_ILCE_2005059) $140.00
lford Galerie Creative Emulsion Coating Bar (40 mic) (sku: ACC_ILCE_2005060) $222.00
Ilford Galerie Creative Emulsion Coating Bar (80 mic) (sku: ACC_ILCE_2005061) $234.00
Ilford Galerie Creative Emulsion Trial Pack (sku: ACC_ILCE_2005062) $234.00


Ilford Creative Emulsion is a water-based inkjet coating solution that has been designed to allow printers to create an inkjet print from any commercially-available, traditional art paper. Creative Emulsion, which is applied manually, forms an inkjet receiving layer, that will produce images with a wide colour gamut, excellent sharpness and colour density without compromising the tint or texture of the original paper.

Ilford Creative Emulsion is available in two blends (A and B) and they can be used independently or combined to enhance a specific image or finish characteristic that the photographer or printer may want to accentuate.

The two emulsions have different coating characteristics:

  • Blend A will inhibit the ink bleed and therefore increase the density and sharpness of the image, without affecting the texture and tint of the paper.
  • Blend B will achieve greater sharpness and density than Blend A. Blend B will also increase the whiteness of the paper and will give a smoother surface finish.

Ilford Creative Emulsion is compatible with both dye and pigment inks.

It is recommended to use the Creative Emulsion Coating Bar 40 for Blend A and Coating Bar 80 for Blend B. If the two Blends are mixed then we recommend you use Creative Emulsion Coating Bar 80 for a mixture ratio of 50:50.

N.B The Creative Emulsion Trial Pack contains one bottle each of Emulsion A and B (250ml each), one coater for each emulsion (25cm) and 4 measuring cups.

Full Specifications: Ilford Product Page


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Coat your own paper with Ilford Creative Emulsion