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Inkjet Printable

Cards, Albums And Folios

We've got a gorgeous range of inkjet printable cards, and products that allow you to easily print your own archival folios, lovely presentation box packs and paper perfect for producing custom bound books.

Inkjet Printable Cards

New in mid 2019, we are now importing the impressive range of Red River Fine Art Inkjet Printable Cards.

These cards are perfect for one-off, superb quality, card printing jobs (think wedding invitation, birth announcements, customised Christmas cards etc!). 

With optional matching envelopes and clearbags available (see individual product listings), Red River inkjet printable cards are also perfect for small producers looking to make fine art card products with absolutely minimal fuss and reasonable materials costs.

With 5 separate types, from commercial glossy cards through to gorgeous fine-art options (smooth or textured) - Red River Inkjet Cards are simply an excellent product that open up new creative and business opportunities. 

Start with a sample pack today to get to know the range!  

See the full range here.

Archival Box Folios

Standalone Fine Art Boxes

The other option is a stand alone Archival Storage Box from Canson Infinity and comes with 25 protective gassline sheets and a neutral ribbon to help with the removal of prints and photographs. It comes in both A4 and A3+ sizes.

These storage boxes are made from archival quality board in pH neutral conditions to ensure the greatest integrity over time and are covered in a beautiful black Wibalin Buckram paper that gives it a professional finish as well as offering a high water resistance and light fastness!

Both these products make perfect gifts for your hard-to-buy photographer friends!

Want to make something unique?

Custom Bound Albums

Another great option worth considering is creating your own album using paper specially made for custom bounding and having it bound together by a book binding company. A number of our customers have used this approach to make some very beautiful photo books - we've seen covers ranging from classic embossed leather through to super modern white perspex with chunky industrial aluminium bindings holding it together.

The only limit is your imagination really! Once you've printed out your masterpieces, just contact a book binder and they can bind them up in a variety of ways. Even better, call them before you print just in case they have any special requirements and to discuss your options. There are plenty of book binders in Australia, here in Melbourne a popular choice is Irwin and McLaren.

To get a really nice book that sits properly when open it, you need paper with a guaranteed grain direction. Lucky for you, we have just the thing!

Hahnemühle Photo Rag Book and Album 220gsm
A paper made specifically for creating books or albums - has a determined grain for a smooth turning of pages.
Product temporarily unavailable. For more information, read our blog post here about the current situation with Hahnemühle stock in Australia.
  • ConstructionFibre Based
  • Made From100% Cotton
  • Paper Weight220gsm
  • Surface TextureMatte, Smooth
  • White ToneWhite
  • Optical Brighteners?
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