Image Science - The Blog

A blog about all our 2018 equipment and process upgrades - and there have been a bunch of them!
08 Aug, 2018

Marie Bogoyevitch is an artist who uses ink and stippling technique to create highly detailed botanical illustrations.
08 Aug, 2018

Allira Tee is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Melbourne who creates beautifully detailed drawings by hand.
03 Jul, 2018

Emma Itzstein is a visual artist capturing beautiful botanical representations through an abstract expressionist painting style.
05 Jun, 2018

Epson have some great cashback offers on P405 and P600 Printers, plus get a P800 Roll Paper Unit for just $1 (valued at $249)!
01 Jun, 2018

Epson have just released a fantastic Mirage software and printer bundle for the Epson P800 and P5070 printers. Limited stock available!
18 May, 2018

Christine McFetridge is a social documentary photographer. Her projects are personal and nuanced takes on family life and community.
10 May, 2018

​Stella Windridge is an up and coming artist who caught our eye with beautiful use of colour and quirky creatures!
28 Mar, 2018

After such great feedback on the Ilford Gold Fibre Gloss paper, we have now added it to our core range of printing papers!
28 Mar, 2018

A write up of Jeremy's 2018 visit to CP+ in Japan (Part 1 of 3, BenQ & Monitor Makers)
13 Mar, 2018