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Art Reproduction

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We work with you to create high quality art reproductions from your work, and help make your work more accessible to more people.

We provide comprehensive guidance on all stages of the process - from the initial high quality digital capture, through editing and library management, to the final printed output.

More than 15 years of real world experience collaborating with many of Australia's most successful artists means nobody does this stuff better.  If you're new to the process, or you've already had work done elsewhere but have never been completely happy - give us a try.

How it Works

Original Artworks alongside Art Reproduction Prints.
Original Artworks alongside Art Reproduction Prints.

1. One On One Consultation

This is where it all starts.

Bring your original work to us to have an initial chat about creating gorgeous, fantastically accurate art reproductions. We can also offer friendly, knowledgeable advice on any and all issues related to fine art reproduction.

There are never any time limits or costs for our help and advice; we'll be happy to cover any issues you like so you feel completely comfortable with the process and the world class results you will get. 

Can't make it in?   Then simply contact us.

2. Digital Capture

Leave it with us to create a high quality digital file.  Most work is directly scanned on our state of that art artwork scanner.

We offer both Raw and Ready To Print scanning services - most people choose our Ready To Print service to make sure their files are in the best possible state, ready for highly accurate reproduction prints.

Pricing for these services (scroll below the order form).

3. Proofs

The next stage is proof prints on your chosen output stock - and we have a wide variety of gorgeous fine art papers to choose from.

4. Ready For Edition Printing

Print your Art Reproduction edition - either all at once, or as they sell!

We can store your file in our digital library so you can print your images to order, as and when you need them.

Art Reproduction - Our Advantage

There are two methods of producing a high quality digital file - direct scanning and photographic capture.

At Image Science we mostly use a start of the art scanner that has been specifically designed for artwork scanning (rather than consumer level scanners from e.g. Microtek or Epson that other services tend to use).  Above and beyond simply having this fabulous machine, we have developed precise techniques with it - unique to Image Science - to get the absolute best quality, most accurate reproduction from this machine.  

Our scanner scans up to 18 by 25 inches (approx 45 by 64 cm) in a single pass.  By stitching multiple scans together we can scan larger pieces, to A1 and beyond.

Our scanner is also able to scan with both flat and relief lighting - meaning we can, if you wish, reproduce the dimensionality of your works (brush strokes, 3D embellishments etc.).  Consumer scanners simply cannot do this.  

We've got over over 15 years of high end art reproduction skills under our belts, and have worked for many of Australia's most exacting artists. 

Most works can be direct scanned by our fantastic scanner.  For really large works, or works that need really unusual custom lighting, we can alternatively work with dedicated art reproduction photographers (who again are the most experienced in the business) - to get you the best digital files to work from.  

It all starts with a chat - so get in touch today and rest assured we'll help you get properly set up with your art reproduction.  

Artwork Scanning

Most unframed, flat works can be directly scanned. Stitching can often be used successfully with bigger pieces up to A1 and even beyond.

Our scanner has been custom profiled and produces great, very sharp scans of artworks. Although it is often quite colour accurate, these scans are not yet completely print ready files - these files do still need some basic dust and scratch retouching, minor colour balancing work, and setting of final black and white points/contrast.

We offer both 600 and 1200 PPI scans.  These are true optical resolutions.  This can be confusing to people used to using consumer scanners that claim to be able to scan at these same resolutions or even much higher figures.  But our machine and techniques produce results that retrieve ALL the detail of the original work.  At 600 PPI our scanner produces results considerably sharper and more detailed than consumer scanners claiming 3200 or 4800 PPI.

600 PPI is usually (well) more than adequate as this will allow you to produce reproductions up to at least twice the original size.  Most works are scanned at 600 PPI.  Indeed, this is the resolution that most major galleries and institutions use for their digital archives.

1200 PPI resolution will capture even the tiniest, finest details and will produce prints up to at least four times the original size.  (Note that 3D lighting is not available at the 1200 PPI resolution).

Pricing information can be found here.

Photographic Capture

Photographic capture is the preferred option for very large pieces, and more difficult works such as thick oils.

High resolution photography allows you to properly light each piece individually for individual effect and accurate results - if you want all the texture from the original work, then photography can be the way to go.

Our photographic reproduction services combine our usual superb quality & attention to detail with affordable prices. We produce stunning high resolution, print ready digital files from your works.

Read the article below for more detailed information on Direct Scanning and Photographic Capture.


  • Will selling reproduction prints decrease the value of my original art works?

    Selling reproduction prints will not decrease the value of your original works.

    (The effect is in fact precisely the exact opposite - the more a work is produced & recognised, the greater the value of the one true original - art sales have proved this time and again over centuries). 

  • Who holds the copyright to my artworks once I sell them?

    When someone buys an artwork from you, they are buying only the physical object to own and enjoy - but copyright to the actual image/object remains with the original artist.

    You have the right to use the image for marketing purposes, and also for reproduction print sales purposes - indeed, you can use the image for anything you like!

    (Note this is NOT true for commissioned works, where the copyright belongs to the commissioner of the work, unless you explicitly retained these rights in your contract of work - which you should!)

  • Is it better to have my original art works direct scanned or photographed?

    The most important thing is to have the reproduction professionally done - art reproduction done via scanning OR photography is very difficult to do properly without both the appropriate equipment AND just as importantly experience and technique.  There are many business out there these days offering these services - but the vast bulk of them do this work very poorly.  We re-scan works form pretty much all businesses in Melbourne regularly to fix their mistakes.  

    The best method really varies case by case and the best thing to do is bring some work in for a chat, or contact us with some details and we'll be happy to help.

    More information on this here.

  • How many reproduction prints should I have in my edition runs?

    There is no hard fast rule to this - there are many possibilities from one to however many thousand you like! The most important thing is to be clear and consistent about what you are offering - don't change the edition limit after you have started selling them.

    Also, keep in mind that you don't have to print all of your edition run at once - you can do this in small lots, even singles, as they are sold.

  • If I am interstate, can I send my artwork in to get scanned?

    Yes, of course! Make sure you pack your artwork properly and send it via a registered post or courier service. We have tips on how to package prints for mailing here.