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Art Reproduction

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We work with you to create high quality art reproductions from your work and help make your work more accessible to more people.

We provide comprehensive guidance on all stages of the process - from the initial high quality digital capture, through editing and library management, to the final printed output.

How it Works

Original Artworks alongside Art Reproduction Prints.
Original Artworks alongside Art Reproduction Prints.

1. One On One Consultation

Bring your original work into us to have an intital chat about creating your art reproduction. We can also offer friendly advice on any and all issues related to fine art reproduction.

2. Digital Capture

Leave it with us to create a high quality digital file either through direct scanning or high resolution photography.

3. Editing, Proofs

Take your digital file away to make it print ready or leave it to us and make use of our professional retouching service!

4. Ready For Edition Printing

Print your Art Reproduction - either all at once, or as they sell! We can store your file in our digital library so you can print your images to order, as and when you need them.

Digital Capture

There are two methods of producing a high quality digital file - direct scanning and photographic capture. In general, the direct scanning approach for art reproduction only works well with small, simple pieces - with those it can work very well, and be quite cost effective. However, for larger pieces, the photographic approach is a much better way to create good quality files for digital reproduction.

Direct Scanning

Any unframed, flat works up to A3 in size can be directly scanned. Stitching can often be used successfully with bigger pieces up to A2 if you need something done more quickly or more cheaply than our photographic capture services.

Our scanner has been custom profiled and produces great sharp scans of artworks. Although it is often quite colour accurate, these scans are not print ready files so you will need to do some basic dust and scratch retouching, minor colour balancing work, and setting of final black and white points/contrast.

We offer both high and medium resolution scans - medium resolution is usually more than adequate as this will produce reproductions up to twice the original size. High resolution will produce scans up to at least four times the original size.

Pricing information can be found here.

Photographic Capture

Photographic capture is the preferred option for larger pieces, more difficult works such as oils and arcylics, and those that require a more accurate result. It is a longer and more expensive process than direct scanning but the results speak for themselves.

Only high resolution photography allows you to properly light each piece individually for the best effect and most accurate results - whether you want all the texture from the original work, or a more flat reproduction, photography beats scanners with their fixed, flourescent light sources every time.

Our photographic reproduction services combine our usual superb quality & attention to detail with affordable prices. We produce stunning high resolution, print ready digital files from your works.

Read the article below for more detailed information on Direct Scanning and Photographic Capture.


  • Will selling reproduction prints decrease the value of my original art works?

    Selling reproduction prints will not decrease the value of your original works. It is in fact the exact opposite - the more a work is produced, the greater the value of the one true original.

  • Who holds the copyright to my artworks once I sell them?

    When someone buys an artwork from you, they are buying the physical object to own and enjoy - but copyright to the actual image/object remains with the original artist. You have the right to use the image for marketing purposes, and also for reproduction print sales purposes.

  • Is it better to have my original art works direct scanned or photographed?

    The best approach for art reproduction is actually high resolution photography - for most works, it's much more effective than direct scanning as the light can be controlled on a per-piece basis. Even the high end scanning systems have fixed direction, fluorescent light sources - definitely not the ideal lights for accurate detail and colour reproduction, these machines are about production speed more then they're about best quality.

    We regularly receive scanned work here from those machines, and it always requires a significant amount of correction work or sometimes even re-capture to get it right.

    More information on this here.

  • How many reproduction prints should I have in my edition runs?

    There is no hard fast rule to this - there are many possibilites from 1 to however many thousand you like! The most important thing is to be clear and consistant about what you are offering - don't change the edition limit after you have started selling them.

    Also, keep in mind that you don't have to print all of your edition run at once - you can do this in small lots, even singles, as they are sold!

  • If I am interstate, can I send my artwork in to get scanned?

    Yes, of course! Make sure you pack your artwork extremely well and send it via a registered post service. We have tips on how to package prints for mailing here.