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Featured Artist: Emma Leonard

5th September 2012 Featured Artists

A Dreamy Wander by Emma Leonard

I have been with Image Science for just on a year now, and in that time one particular artist we work with has been consistently producing work of a very high standard, and to me, in a fashion that seems to be by far the easiest and most cost effective way to do so. Especially for someone who is looking for a way to print their work on a regular basis, this particular method might just suit.

Emma Leonard is a Melbourne based artist who, for the most part, draws girls. If you take one look at Emma’s work, you will understand why it is that we see her printing with us so often. Emma’s work is extremely popular over on her Etsy store, which is always FILLED with an abundance of beautiful imagery for her adoring fans. Emma is also part of the Jacky Winter Group and can often be found exhibiting around Melbourne and beyond.

Emma prepares her files very well, to the point that she often fits in excess of 50 individual and different sized works into each of her print runs. By using our excellent 24 inch roll printing service and tessellating her images along the length of the roll, she produces a lot of work, very cost effectively.

Each time Emma sends a print through to us, she will use a template with guides all set up to the exact measurements and spacing (allowing for white space around the prints) and crop marks in place for cutting each piece out. She mentions that she also zooms right in close to double check that everything is in the right place as there is nothing worse than getting the prints back and realizing you have made a mistake.

How to Set Up Your Files For Print!

Information & Templates

The Printing Process

Once collected, Emma takes the prints back to her studio and using guides, will cut out each individual piece to its correct size ready for sale. Below you can see Emma in action cutting down her prints.

The Cutting Process

Below you can find further examples of Emma’s work and get a sense of the variety of styles she wields. While I appreciate the more feminine imagery she produces, I really enjoy her darker work or her more abstract work that can be found in her portfolio here.

A big thank you goes out to Emma Leonard for allowing us to use her work in this feature and for also coming through with some in process shots.

Emma will be taking part in the Image Science sponsored, Creature Feature exhibition opening this Thursday (TONIGHT!), 6th of September in Melbourne. You can find the Facebook event here.