Image Science

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95 Howard St
North Melbourne
Victoria 3051, Australia

(+61) (03) 9329 4522

Hours of Business

9:30am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday

Feel free to drop in, but if you need a longer / more technical chat please ring and make an appointment first.


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 General / Stock (goes to Lynette, our Office Manager)  Services (Printing, Scanning, Profiling etc. - goes to Cam, our Services Manager)  Advice / Technical (goes to Jeremy Daalder, our Director)  Website / Marketing (goes to Katie, our Marketing & Website Manager)

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Public Transport

Tram #57 from Elizabeth Street (West Maribyrnong line)
Stop #9
on Victoria St (just before the huge church)
Go North across Victoria St and along Howard Street about 50m



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