Image Science

Send Us Files

If you're using our basic print set up service:

Just send us the largest copy of the files you have, in any format, with instructions written as clearly as you can, and we should be able to sort it out - of course we'll contact you if we have any questions or issues with your files!

Use Our File Uploader

If your files are already on Dropbox, you can just use our Dropbox File Request to send them straight over to us.

Otherwise, the easiest method is to use our uploader below to send us files, or feel free to use any file sharing service you like - just send us a public link to your files (or even better, put the link in the order when you make the actual matching print order). 

We recommend you supply us high quality JPEG file (level 10+) - set up per our file set-up instructions - as you won't see any difference against a TIFF in print.  TIFF or PSD are fine too of course (in any bit depth and RGB colour space of your choice), if you have the time! 

Please do not send vector formats (i.e. no PDF, no Illustrator or EPS files etc).

There is an upload limit of 3 gigabytes (i.e 3000 megabytes) per upload.

Ready? Let's Go!

Please complete the form below in full, and then hit 'Add files' to add your files, or simply drag and drop them on the drop target.  You'll see a list of files at the bottom of the form appear.

When you're ready hit 'Send' and the upload will begin, you'll get a little pop up window showing you the upload progress.

And - don't forget to actually submit your print order (just sending us files won't actually kick off an order!).

(Speed wise this should pretty much use whatever upload capacity you have at your end to it's full potential (so if you are on a typical Australian ADSL internet connection, do remember the A stands for 'asynchronous' -> or put simply 'very slow uploads for the sake of faster downloads'! Lobby your local MP to deliver a proper fibre NBN!).

IMPORTANT: Sending files to us is NOT the same as making an order with us (we receive a great many files, and we only review files once we have a matching job in our queue, so files sent are not looked at/for until the job comes in).

To actually kick off your order, please complete our online order form (or contact us about your order).

Other File Sending Services

You can use any other file sending services, such as Dropbox shared folders, as long as they don't require us to register to retrieve your files. We just need a standard public URL to download from.  You can then send us the url via this form (choose services).

As above, please try and keep your files sizes below 200Mb if possible. If your file is very large, save it as a high quality (10+) JPG rather than an uncompressed file like a TIFF.

Mail Us

You can always post your files to us on CD/DVD or USB stick / hard drive.  Please make sure your stick/drives are formatted for general sharing (i.e. PC FAT or NTFS format, not HFS etc).

Our postal address is: 95 Howard Street, North Melbourne 3051 VIC, Australia

Bring Files To Our Office

You can also bring your files to our office on CD/DVD, USB Stick or hard drive. We have a client machine you can use to copy your files to our system (and to soft proof your files).

This machine has Firewire 400 and USB 2/3 ports so please make sure you bring the right cables. There is no spare power nearby so make sure your device is self powered from the computer - a USB stick is by far the easiest and quickest option.  Please make sure your stick/drives are formatted for general sharing (i.e. PC FAT or NTFS format, not HFS etc).

Our office address is:  95 Howard Street, North Melbourne VIC 3051. You can find a map with directions to our office on our contact page.


Sending image files suitable for printing by email is highly unreliable - please use the uploader above.

If you must send by email, you must send your files as proper email attachments (we suggest you zip them up first, and in particular don't just embed them using Mac Mail!) - you can request the special email address we have for this by sending a message to our service department using the contact form here.