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Image Science

Order Art Reproduction

New to ordering scans of your artwork?

We have a guide that takes you through the ordering process.

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N.B. Very occasionally an unusual work comes along that requires significantly more work than is budgeted for in our regular ready-to-print scanning service.  In these cases, we will let you know in advance, and extra retouching is charged as normal ($50/half hour).

Some Important Things To Note

Ordering Information

Here's a quick summary of how this works.

  1.  Submit your online order and supply any notes required.
  2.  Send your artwork to us or drop it into our North Melbourne office.
  3.  We'll keep you up to date as we process your order (note our current turnarounds).

We offer two options for artwork scanning:

  • A raw scan with no retouching work done
  • A print ready scan which includes colour correction, removal of dust and background paper tone

Each scan can be made in high or super high resolution. Please refer to the table below to see what sizes each resolution allows you to print up to.

High Resolution Scans (600PPI)

Print Ready
Prints To
A5$10$30A3 - 29.5 by 21cm
A4$15$40A2 - 59 by 42cm
A3$30$60A1 - 84 by 59cm
A2$60$100A0 - 118 by 84cm
A1$100$1802A0 - 168 by 118cm

Super High Resolutions Scans (1200PPI)

ArtworkRawPrint ReadyPrints To
A5$15$40A2 - 59 by 42cm
A4$20$50A0 - 118 by 84cm
A3$40$702A0 - 168 by 118cm
A2$75$1253A0 - 236 by 168cm
A1$125$2254A0 - 336 by 236cm