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Some Important

Ordering Information

Here's a quick summary of how this works.  The prices quoted below are for raw scans from the scanner.  

  1. Submit your online order and supply any notes required.
  2. Send your artwork to us or drop it into our North Melbourne office.
  3. We'll keep you up to date as we process your order (note our current turnarounds).

N.B. Raw scans need to edited before they are print ready.  You can do this yourself, or use our retouching service.  

Typically, the scans must be cleaned, the background paper tone removed, and the images colour balanced back to the original artworks (our raw scans will be close, but scanners do see colour differently to the human eye so some manual finesse is needed for best results).

Artwork Size
Medium Resolution - 600PPICan Print Up to
A4$15A2 - 59 by 42cm
A3$30A1 - 84 by 59cm
A2$60A0 - 118 by 84cm
A1*$120A0x2 - 168 by 118cm
Artwork Size High Resolution - 1200PPI      Can Print Up to
A4$40A0 - 118 by 84cm
A3$802A0 - 168 by 118cm
A2$1604A0 - 236 by 168cm 
A1*$3208A0 - 336 by 236cm

*Scans over A2 in size are produced by stitching multiple scans together.  The price includes Image Science performing this service - unless the image is unusually complex in which case we will do a custom quote for you.