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Built in Bedford, England by Rotatrim

Rotatrim Rotary Trimmers

Rotatrim Trimmers - the industry standard rotary trimmers (guillotines) for various print sizes up to 1374mm (54"!) wide.

Rotatrim Pro M12 305mm Trimmer (sku: HRT_M12) $297.00
Rotatrim Pro M15 382mm Trimmer (sku: HRT_M15) $326.00
Rotatrim Pro M18 445mm Trimmer (sku: HRT_M18) $375.00
Rotatrim Pro M24 610mm Trimmer (sku: HRT_M24) $455.00
Rotatrim Pro M30 763mm Trimmer (sku: HRT_M30) $564.00
Rotatrim Pro M36 914mm Trimmer (sku: HRT_M36) $635.00
Rotatrim Pro M42 1068mm Trimmer (sku: HRT_M42) $759.00
Rotatrim Pro M54 1374mm Trimmer (sku: HRT_M54) $895.00
Rotatrim Pro M54S Stand (sku: HRT_M54S)
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Rotatrim make the de facto industry standard rotary trimmers (AKA guillotines).

By utilising only the finest quality and precision engineered components, which are then hand assembled by skilled engineers, Rotatrim is proud to offer a range of precision trimmers which are unrivalled in their quality, accuracy, reliability and longevity.

The Rotatrim Professional “M” series

This Professional range of 8 superbly engineered machines is the one by which all others are judged! Over 300,000 are in use worldwide; in workshops, studios, schools and offices, where their robust construction is rigorously tested, day-in, day-out. With cut lengths from 12” (305mm) to 54” (1374mm) each model features the unique chromed steel twin guide rails, silent glide action and all metal cutting head and end frames.

Rotatrim trimmers are hand built in England by highly skilled technicians so you can be assured of the absolute highest quality of craftsmanship, accuracy and reliability.

A4 Landscape Trimmers:
These are the two smallest trimmers of the Professional ‘M’ Series range and are ideal where space is at a premium.

  • M12 - up to 305mm (12") cutting length, 3mm thickness capacity
  • M15 - up to 382mm (15") cutting length, 3mm thickness capacity

A3 Landscape Trimmer:
This is a very popular size of the Professional ‘M’ Series range and is ideal where space is at a premium.

  • M18 - up to 455mm (18") cutting length, 3mm thickness capacity

A2/24" Landscape Trimmers:
This is the most popular size of the Professional ‘M’ Series range. We use an M24 here at Image Science for smaller work - its a fabulous working size and it's a silky smooth machine (feel free to ask for a demo if you're visiting!).

  • M24 - up to 610mm (24") cutting length, 3mm thickness capacity
  • M30 - up to 763mm (30") cutting length, 3mm thickness capacity

A1 Landscape/36" Roll Trimmers:

  • M36 - up to 914mm (36") cutting length, 2mm thickness capacity
  • M42 - up to 1068mm (42") cutting length, 1.5mm thickness capacity

A0 Landscape/44" Roll Trimmers:

We have a 54" model (from an older line) here at Image Science - it's an absolute workhorse and has given us many years of excellent performance. (Feel free to ask for a demo if you're visiting!).

  • M54 - up to 1374mm (54") cutting length, 1.5mm thickness capacity (stand & waste collector available)


  • Increased cut capacity, designed for every day continuous use
  • Flexible two-way cut
  • Finest quality Sheffield Steel self-sharpening precision blades
  • Twin chrome steel guide rails completely eliminate head swivel whilst delivering a smooth gliding action
  • Metal end frames and head
  • Solid laminate gridded baseboard with aluminium side rule and cursor
  • Transparent clamp-strip for accurate work placement

The A2, A1 and A0 trimmers include the following features:

  • Overload protection
  • User option to enable two-way cutting

All the Rotatrim Trimmers will comfortably cut the following materials:

Paper, Card, Cellophane, Cibachrome, Cork, Corrugated Card, Crepe Paper, Digital Prints, Felt, Floor Graphics, Foil, Heatseal, Honeycomb, Inkjet Paper, Craft Paper, Laminations, Mountboard, Photo Film, Polyester, Polystyrene, Posters, Reflective Film, Self Adhesive Film, Tissue Paper, Transparencies, Veneers, Vinyl

Full Specifications: Rotatrim Product Page