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Made in Switzerland by Ilford

Ilford Canvas Protect Liquid Laminate

A new canvas coating from Ilford - perfect for protecting and enhancing your canvas prints!

Gloss 1 Litre (sku: ACC_ILCP2005050) $70.00
Gloss 4 Litres (sku: ACC_ILCP2005053) $176.00
Semi-Matte 1 Litre (sku: ACC_ILCP2005051) $70.00
Semi-Matte 4 Litres (sku: ACC_ILCP2005054) $176.00
Matt 1 Litre (sku: ACC_ILCP2005052) $70.00
Matt 4 Litres (sku: ACC_ILCP2005055) $176.00
Ilford Canvas Protect Liquid Laminate Master Image
Ilford Canvas Protect Liquid Laminate Master Image


Ilford Galerie Canvas Protect is a water-based liquid solution that has been designed to protect and enhance images printed on Ilford Galerie Prestige canvas as well as other inkjet canvas media available in the market.

Applying Canvas Protect to your print will protect it from cracking when folded around the frame and the product will not affect the original tint, colour or texture of the print.

The solution is extremely easy to use and can be applied using either a roller or a standard brush. The product comes in three different finishes and they can be mixed together to create a bespoke finish to the canvas print.

Key Benefits

  • Protect and enhance your canvas prints
  • Maintains original tint, colour and texture of the original print
  • Prevents the print from cracking when folded around a frame
  • Available in Glossy, Semi-Matt and Matt finishes
  • It is possible to mix the finishes to create a bespoke look
  • Easy to apply

Information on the proper use of, and how to apply, this product is available in the Technical Data Sheet in the wiki below.