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Crystal Clear Archival Bags for Prints

Crystal clear bags in A5, A4, A3, A3+, A2 and A1 for archival print packaging.

A5 - 100 Pack (sku: CB_A5) $20.00
A4 - 100 Pack (sku: CB_A4) $30.00
A3 - 100 Pack (sku: CB_A3) $55.00
A3+ - 100 Pack (sku: CB_A3+) $75.00
A2 - 100 Pack (sku: CB_A2) $110.00
A1 - 100 Pack (sku: CB_BA1PC) $220.00
Crystal Clear Archival Bags for Prints Master Image
Crystal Clear Archival Bags for Prints and Cards
Crystal Clear Archival Bags
Crystal Clear Archival Bags for Prints Master Image Crystal Clear Archival Bags for Prints Image Crystal Clear Archival Bags for Prints Image


Crystal Clear packaging is the best packaging choice when you want your work to be seen. These bags which we import directly, are the clearest, classiest bags we've been able to source from anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, all the locally made alternatives are positively foggy looking in comparison! Each pack contains 100 clear bags.

Approximate dimensions of these bags (n.b. tolerance variations of +- ~3mm can occur):

  • To Fit A5 - 213 x 154mm
  • To Fit A4 - 303 x 220mm
  • To Fit A3 - 420 x 305mm
  • To Fit A3+ - 498 x 341mm
  • To Fit A2 - 601 x 430mm
  • To Fit A1 - 847 x 604mm

These crystal clear bags are designed to fit our archival backing boards, and will comfortably fit both a print and backing board inside.

Crystal Clear packaging helps promote, protect, and preserve your product.

Promote: Crystal Clear Bags are made from 'Biaxially Oriented PolyPropylene' (BOPP), which is a superior material that does not easily rip, tear, wrinkle, or fog like other plastics. BOPP bags provide best in class clarity and visibility for your product.

Protect: Crystal Clear packaging is designed to provide great protection from finger prints and the rigours of the retail distribution process to ensure your product always looks great.

Preserve: Crystal Clear Bags are both acid and lignin free making them the ideal choice for storage and archiving.

Crystal Clear Bags come with a re-sealable protective closure seal which allows the bag to be reopened several times and prevents the glue from coming in contact with your print because the adhesive is on bag - not the flap. It's as easy as inserting an item, peeling the adhesive cover strip, and then folding and pressing the flap closed.


Selected by Image Science, tested as compatible.

Backing Boards For Prints
Archival white backing boards to use with fine art prints for professional presentation and storage purposes.
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