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Featured Artist: Amy Howard

29th May 2015 Featured Artists

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Amy Howard for a number of years now, completing art reproduction work for her whimsical little animal illustrations. We absolutely love seeing what she brings in for us – the combination of her intricate pencil detail and the overlaying of other mixed media gives such great expression and life to each character.

We help Amy turn her original artworks into digital files that in turn become beautiful archival reproduction prints. There are a few steps involved including a high resolution scan, delicate re-touching work to remove the paper texture and precise colour correction to ensure they match the original tones. Amy’s limited edition prints are currently sold through Signed and Numbered.

Be sure to check out more of her amazing work on her instagram and facebook accounts!

Education and background:
I studied an Under Graduate Degree at Deakin University in Contemporary Arts, Majoring in Visual Arts, a Post Graduate degree in Art Therapy at Latrobe University, (mostly working with children) and I’ve been working in libraries as a children’s officer for over ten years, where I read stories and make art with kids.

Where are you based?
I work and live in Melbourne Victoria, with my partner in a little brick house with a veggie patch and love seat.

How long have you been a visual artist for?
I’ve always loved art and considered myself an artist, whether I’ve been drawing at home just for myself or making work for others.

What do you feel is your biggest achievement to date?
I think being able to incorporate art making into my life as a priority, no matter how busy I am or whatever else might be happening. To be able to evolve as an artist alongside my other career fulfils me, and keeps me sane!

What are your creative influences?
Children’s literature, storytelling and the beauty of the human condition. My Art Therapy training has also been a big influence on my creative work. I am fascinated by the way children create and use images to express their inner worlds long before they can articulate with words.

Using metaphors and animals, they re-create stories that represent themselves and the world they live in. I think it’s quite beautiful. I am also influenced by the people I meet everyday at the library. Everyone has a story to tell and everyone wants to be heard.

What are your favourite tools of the trade?
Sharp HB pencils, Black 0.03 Copic ink pens and water colour paints.

How has being able to create edition prints from your originals been influential to your business?
I have been selling prints through Signed and Numbered for a few years now and really love Jacqui Vidal’s (the creator and owner) ideas about breaking down pre-conceived ideas about art and how it should be viewed.

Making limited edition prints means I can keep my work accessible and affordable. I love the idea of my work being enjoyed by different people all over the world.

What’s next?
I am currently working on an exciting new project called The Duality Experiment, put together by the talented Shannyn Higgins. 25 visual artists are matched with a piece of writing by 25 writers. The visual artists are given a piece of rag paper and a week to create an image that has been inspired by the writing.

These images and the writing that inspired them will be in an exhibition at No Vacancy Gallery 23rd October 2015. More information at the Duality Experiment website.

You can also purchase my work through signed and numbered here.