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Solve Your Colour Problems

1st September 2014 General Articles

Jeremy was recently invited to speak at the Digital Printing Event at The Fashion and Textile Hub, focusing on what he knows best – Colour and Colour Management. The content for his talk was related back to his book – The Digital Fine Print Book, which has been used extensively in the Digital Fine Print course at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), as well as for guest lectures at many other colleges and studios.

In combination to this talk we also put together a very simple summary of the 4 key tools required to solve your colour problems. Each section is linked back to a more in depth article/s in our knowledge base. If you are looking for advice or need any further information on colour management, we can help. Contact us to arrange a consultation with Jeremy.

Monitors are at the centre of all colour work. A high quality imaging monitor allows a designer to specify colour correctly and will make the transition to the printed result much easier. We have a range of the best colour accurate monitors currently in the market, from top companies – NEC, Eizo and BenQ, that meet all different levels and budgets.

Calibrators go hand in hand with a good monitor – they allow you to maintain your colour accurate workflow and are absolutely essential to achieving high quality results with digital imaging. Our personal recommendation is the Calibrite ColorChecker Display Pro, which is without a doubt the benchmark calibrator on the market and is compatible with all modern monitors.

Pantones are used worldwide to standardise colour names across multiple manufacturers, clients and industries. Our most popular and the most suitable Pantones for screen to print output are the Colour Bridge Sets. These have both ‘solid’ & ‘process’ colours, and enable you to specify both colour to external suppliers, and predict what you might get when doing continuous tone work.

Printing your own work allows you to have more control over your media, costs and time. The Epson Stylus Pro 3880 is our personally recommended inkjet printer, as it is unquestionably the best combination of quality, versatility, and cost of use. All our printers come with two free custom printer profiles (nromally $120) to ensure you get the very best, colour accurate, fine art prints possible.

We strongly recommend you do get custom printer profiles made if you do your own printing. While inkjet paper makers now sometimes supply reasonable profiles, they’re still a long way from the best.