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Featured Artist: Stella Windridge

28th March 2018 Featured Artists

Stella Windridge is an up and coming illustrator who has caught our eye. Her stunning digital illustrations are delicate and quirky and use the most beautiful combinations of colours! 

Stella was brought up in an arty household, having her mum as a major influence and inspiration throughout her life. She has just opened her online print store with limited edition prints and is looking to create textile prints in the near future - we are excited to see more from this talented visual artist!

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Education & background:

I studied graphic design and fine art at uni, which is reflected in my work. I grew up in Melbourne, but have always had a strong connection to country Victoria, as most of my extended family are from there.   

Have you always had an interest in illustration & art?

I was constantly drawing from an early age, mostly weird diagrams about my life. I grew up in a very arty household, always going to exhibitions and art events.

What do you feel is your biggest achievement so far?

Probably having work sent over for a show in Tokyo.

Love Song Dedications
Love Song Dedications

What/who are your creative influences?

Recently I’ve discovered Amber Davenport and Lara Hawthorn who are artists from the UK. Their use of colour and the whimsical nature of their illustrations has been inspiring. I love the use of narrative in their work, especially Lara’s. Another big influence and inspiration is my mum Liz Mclennan, who has been working as an artist for most of her life.

What are your favourite tools of the trade?

If you’d asked me a year ago I would never have said Illustrator, but it is now a vital part of the development of my work. Although nothing beats pencil, pen and water colour. I always start off with these tools to get the back bone of my work down.

How have you found getting started with printing at Image Science?

My work is always printed beautifully, and the process is quick and easy. Image Science is a fantastic support for local artists.

How has being able to create edition prints been influential to your business?

It gives customers the flexibility to choose from a wide range of works, which I otherwise wouldn’t have had available. I’ve been able to produce more work, with the knowledge I could have edition prints made.

What’s next? 

I have just opened my etsy store, and look forward to getting more work up. I am also looking to start producing prints for some textile designs in the future.

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