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Image Science

Calibrite / X-Rite Calibrators

X-Rite are the premier brand in colour management (and with the acquisition of Pantone, perhaps the leading brand in colour specification as well!).  In 2021, several X-Rite products are undergoing a branding name change to Calibrite.  Currently, all the Calibrite products are still made by X-Rite and identical to the X-Rite labelled versions.

We've been selling X-Rite (Calibrite) equipment for almost 20 years, and their devices have always proven to be better than the competition. They have the industry standard product in most areas, and after-market software always supports X-Rite devices so you can't really go wrong even if you decide you want to move from a driver printing system to a RIP - I don't think we've ever encountered a RIP that doesn't support X-Rite measurement tools.

Calibrite / X-Rite

Monitor Calibrators

The i1Display Pro (AKA ColorChecker Display Pro) is the industry standard professional monitor calibrator and we think the obvious choice for almost any image maker with a typical monitor. It's fast, accurate, easy to use and very reliable. Compatible with everything.

The i1Display Pro Plus (AKA ColorChecker Display Plus) adds HDR support and better support for 'extreme' contrast technologies like OLED.  

If you need a more affordable option, Calibrite offer more budget options (like the ColorChecker Display). These are quite a bit more limited, and if you ever see yourself moving to a monitor with direct hardware calibration, they're not a good choice as you can only use them with their own software, so it may be a false economy in the long run.  In general, we very strongly recommend the i1Display Pro (ColorChecker Display Pro) - as a much more future proof option.

X-Rite / Calibrite

System Calibrators

If you want to move up to a professional system, then the i1 systems are the industry standard colour management packages.

If you're not sure - give us a ring. We'll be happy to talk through your needs and with 15 years experience in these and similar systems, we can help you decide what's right for you.

X-Rite i1Basic Pro 3 Plus
An affordable, professional-level spectral color measurement solution including display and projector profiling and print quality assurance.
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