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Calibrator Recommendations

This is a quick list of our recommended monitor and printer calibrators. For our full range of products please select the monitor calibrator and system calibrator categories from the menu above.

If you require more information about colour control and calibration in general - read some of our articles on calibration:

Monitor Calibrators

The Best Professional Option

In terms of monitor only calibrators there is a pretty clear cut choice in this area - the ColorChecker Display Pro (formerly the X-Rite i1 Display Pro, now rebranded to Calibrite - see our blog about that here).

We strongly recommend this calibrator to all image makers. The accuracy of this device has been independently tested and found to be an order of magnitude ahead of older calibrators (such as the Eye One Display 1 & 2 and Spyders 3 to 5).

This is the industry standard professional level monitor calibrator and is compatible with just about everything. 

The ColorChecker Display Pro has been specifically designed to cope with current monitors - such as those with LED backlighting (like iMacs/Cinema Displays) and Wide Gamut screens. Data from NEC's magnificent wide gamut PA monitors was used in the development of these calibrators so they offer superb accuracy.

The software is clever and well designed, and although it initially takes a little getting used to, we have a very comprehensive guide to get you started.

Being the industry standard, this calibrator is also compatible with pretty much everything - after-market calibration software, Eizo's ColorNavigator, BenQ Palette Master/Elements and NEC's SpectraView, and all types of monitors including CRT, LCDs, OLEDs, Plasmas, front projectors and more.

We don't think you save enough with the cheaper calibrators to make their significantly reduced capabilities acceptable.

The i1 is fast, accurate, easy to use and reliable and without doubt the best choice in monitor calibrators.

New in late 2019 is the Calibrite ColorChecker Display Plus (formerly X-Rite i1 Display Pro Plus) - this is identical to the regular ColorChecker Display Pro, but is designed to cope better with high brightness/contrast screen types (like e.g. QLED/OLED type televisions).  It's only a little more expensive than the standard i1Display Pro so is probably a more future proof solution at this point, particularly if you want to experiment with TV/Home Theatre calibration (note that extra, after-market software will most likely be required and do check this has been updated to support this new model calibrator).

System Calibrators

Professional Option

The i1 System from X-Rite is a fantastic platform for colour management.

All based around the excellent, easy to use and accurate i1 spectrophotometer, there are packages available to suit every need. The i1 (AKA Eye One) range is the industry standard, professional level, colour management system.

The i1 is also capable of taking densitometric readings. Densitometry measures how much light, in total, is being reflected by an object (irrespective of what colour that light is). These reading are used in all sorts of scenarios such as CMYK linearisation and paper comparisons (e.g comparing d-max between papers - i.e. just how black are your blacks?).

For a comprehensive colour management package, the i1Publish Pro 3 is recommended for people needing consistency across all their devices and for those wanting to make a greater investment into colour management. It allows you to calibrate screens and produce your own RGB and CMYK output profiles, calibrate scanners, cameras and digital projectors, measure ambient light sources, and take spot readings of almost any surface.

The i1Basic Pro 3 Package is the cheapest way to get an i1 spectrophotometer.  It is typically bought by those wanting to use an i1 with their existing RIP system, or after-market calibration software.

X-Rite i1Basic Pro 3 Plus
An affordable, professional-level spectral color measurement solution including display and projector profiling and print quality assurance.
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Affordable Option

The Calibrite ColorChecker Studio (formerly X-Rite i1 Studio) - is by far the most affordable, very easy to use and highest quality system calibrator in the market.

It's vastly better than the Spyder option in this area - the printer profiles are simply much better and it's a lot less fiddly to use.

We recommended it to amateurs on a budget who are keen to bring greater quality to their colour and for people who don't already have any calibrator and want to sort out monitors and printers in one go!

The Calibrite ColorChecker Studio can calibrate your whole workflow - monitors, scanners, projectors and printers.

It also comes with an application that allows you to take spot measurements and convert it into all sorts of values - LAB, other RGB colour spaces, and the closest matching Pantone library colour (very handy for graphic designers trying to match packaging etc!).

The software that comes with it is easy and excellent. In all, the Calibrite ColorChecker Studio is highly recommended.

If you're a keen paper experimenter, then using a custom profiling service can feel too slow - so even if ultimately you get a really proper custom profile made for your very favourite papers (to eke out that last few percent of quality), having a ColorChecker Studio is great for testing things initially.