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PhotoTex is a stand alone product in our range. It's not a fine art material, but it is an enormously useful material.

PhotoTex is a self-adhesive fabric that is commonly used for all sort of things, including wall decals, wallpaper borders, corporate advertising, signage, posters, advertisements, door coverings, car decals and window signs.

PhotoTex won't leave sticky residue against 99% of surfaces when removed. Think of it as a giant post-it note done right - the removable adhesive is just great and easy to work with and you can print what you like on the crisp white surface.

It can be placed in all weather conditions and it will not shrink or curl like vinyl. It won't rip or wrinkle and can be pulled apart if it folds over during installation.

We use it for various signage and prints for our office walls and have found nothing that prints as well - it is very sharp for printing on this type of material.

PhotoTex Self Adhesive Fabric
PhotoTex is a versatile, repositionable adhesive fabric that is great for a myriad of uses such as signage, decals, even wallpaper!
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  • ConstructionTextile
  • Made FromPolyester
  • Paper Weight240gsm
  • Surface TextureTextiles
  • White ToneWhite
  • Optical Brighteners?
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