Made in Switzerland by Ilford

Ilford Ilfotex Self Adhesive Fabric

Ilford's Self Adhesive Fabric - perfect for exhibition wall installs, signage & other creative applications.

24" by 30m Roll (sku: PILIT_3001400) $299.00
42" by 30m Roll (sku: PILIT_3001402) $525.00
Ilford Ilfotex Self Adhesive Fabric Master Image
Ilford Ilfotex Self Adhesive Fabric Master Image


This is Ilford's answer to PhotoTex - a much beloved product here at Image Science.  And it is fair to say Ilford seem to have matched or improved upon PhotoTex in all respects - I think we may have a new winner in the category of self adhesive wall fabrics - which are perfect for a huge variety of wall, exhibition and signage applications (for example our Services Manager Cam Cope used it recently at his book launch to mount two very large scale images as wall backdrops).

The chief improvement is that the Ilford product can accept considerably more ink than the PhotoTex - meaning you can achieve much more powerful blacks and saturated colours with it.  This makes it more suitable for photographic and art uses - as you'd expect from a brand like Ilford. As with PhotoTex, this stuff will stick & remove easily (like an amazing post it note!), to just about any normal wall surface.

Ilford say:

Ilford Ilfotex Repositionable Photo Textile is a peel and stick, self adhesive woven fabric material that can be installed on almost any flat surface, including poles, corners or wrapping around walls. The active adhesive also allows for easy, no residue removal. Featuring a 150 x 150 base weave for sharper images, brilliant colour rendition and saturation. Ilfotex is non-toxic PVC free, heavy metal free and phthalate free.

Easily removed from any surface with no residue.

  • Water resistant & instant dry
  • Compatible with dye, pigment, UV cure and latex printers
  • Ilford Ilfotex Repositionable Photo Textile - a 275gsm 42" (106.7cm x 30.0m) adhesive paper