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PhotoTex Self Adhesive Fabric

PhotoTex is a versatile, repositionable adhesive fabric that is great for a myriad of uses such as signage, decals, even wallpaper!

17in by 30m Roll (sku: PPT_ECSAF17 ) $210.00
24in by 30m Roll (sku: PPT_ECSAF24) $282.00
42in by 30m Roll (sku: PPT_ECSAF42 ) $458.00
PhotoTex Self Adhesive Fabric Master Image PhotoTex Self Adhesive Fabric Packaging
PhotoTex Self Adhesive Fabric Master Image PhotoTex Self Adhesive Fabric Image


PhotoTex is a versatile, re-positionable adhesive fabric made from Polyester that is great for creating your own wall stickers, or even wallpaper - perfect for anyone who wants a temporary solution to add colour to their home, office, studio or showroom. It doesn't mark walls so is ideal for renters - think of it like an awesome quality post-it note and you're on the right track.

PhotoTex Peel and Stick Printable Fabric will not leave sticky residue against 99% of surfaces when removed. It can be placed in all weather conditions and it will not shrink or curl like vinyl. It won't rip or wrinkle and can be pulled apart if it folds over during installation.

It can be illuminated with a backlight, be wrapped around wall corners, ceilings and poles, re-positioned and re-used over and over again, actually the adhesive never weakens. You can even paint on the material or make custom cut-outs as you can kiss-cut (coutour-cut) the material.

PhotoTex can be used in photography (reproduce any picture, create sports actions shots, artwork murals), wallpaper borders, corporate advertising, signs, posters, advertisements, door coverings, car decals and window signs.