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Monitor Accessories

We offer monitor hoods to help you get the best display, monitor cleaning solution to keep your monitor at it's best, and even some cables that have been tested specifically for compatibility with Eizo and NEC monitors!

Monitor Hoods

Monitor hoods are used to block external light from hitting your monitor. This light can affect your perception of the displayed colour significantly, and in particular can make it hard to see dark tone separation.

While monitor hoods are most needed if you have strong direct light sources near your monitor, they offer improved display in almost all scenarios and once you've worked with a monitor hood it can be hard to use a monitor without one!

We offer original hoods from Eizo and NEC, which are very well made and fit the monitors perfectly, but are a little more expensive. We also offer some more affordable aftermarket options that, whilst not quite as pretty and perfect to mount on screen, are functionally equivalent and compatible with almost all monitors (you must have at least 12mm+ of monitor bezel around the edge of your screen though).

Eizo Monitor Hoods

NEC Monitor Hoods

Generic Monitor Hoods

Note: if you're really on a tight budget, the 15 to 25 inch hood below can be used on up to 27" monitors at a pinch - while it's very much at the outside of the fit, it does just work and is stable.

Monitor Desk & Wall Mounts

Monitor Cables & Cleaning

Protecting your NEC or Eizo monitor investment is critical, and you should regularly and carefully clean your screen for best performance. Do not however use regular office grade screen cleaners - you should use one specifically developed for cleaning monitors with optical grade anti-glare coating. The Eizo screen cleaner kit is perfect and will last a long time.

We have found that many of the budget cables do not work reliably with the NEC and Eizo monitors – customers have experienced display quality issues when the computer returns from sleep mode. To solve those issues we have sourced and tested high quality display port adaptors. These will work reliably with NEC and Eizo monitors - which can be more demanding of a perfect cable due to their 10-bit input support.

NEC SpectraView II Software

Spectraview II allows you enjoy the ease and quality benefits of direct hardware calibration and is compatible with all the NEC monitors we sell (and only NEC monitors!).  

Note Spectraview II is just the software only and you must use it with a compatible calibrator.

We recommend you match this with the i1Display Pro for the most accurate results.  It's also compatible with Spyder and some Munki calibrators.

X-Rite i1Display Pro
The benchmark monitor calibrator. Fast, accurate, easy to use, works with everything and very reliable. Our recommended calibrator.
Free Custom Printer Profile With This Monitor Calibrator!
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Eizo RadiLight

The Radilight is a nifty little device that surrounds your screen with a halo of light projected on the wall behind it.  It's known as 'bias lighting'. It's great for providing relief from staring at a bright screen in a darker environment for long periods of time, which can cause eye strain, but it also just looks great and brings a unique look to your workstation. 

Eizo RadiLight
Give your monitor a unique halo of light for more comfortable editing and a better looking working environment!
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