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Image Science

Monitor Accessories

We offer monitor hoods, travel options and screen cleaning solutions to help you get the very best results from your monitor - whether it be at home, the studio or on the go!

Monitor Hoods

Monitor hoods are used to block external light from hitting your monitor. This light can affect your perception of the displayed colour significantly, and in particular can make it hard to see dark tone separation.

While monitor hoods are most needed if you have strong direct light sources near your monitor, they offer improved display in almost all scenarios and once you've worked with a monitor hood it can be hard to use a monitor without one!

We offer original hoods from Eizo which are very well made and fit the monitors perfectly, but are a little more expensive. We also offer some more affordable after-market options that, whilst definitely not as pretty and easy to mount on screen, are functionally equivalent and compatible with almost all monitors (you must have at least 12mm+ of monitor bezel around the edge of your screen though - not compatible with iMacs!).

Eizo Monitor Hoods

The latest Eizo monitor hoods are, quite simply, the best in the business.  Absurdly easy to fit with their magnet based mounting, they may not be cheap but they are superb quality.

Monitor Cleaning

Protecting your high end monitor investment is critical, and you should regularly and carefully clean your screen for best performance. Do not however use regular office grade screen cleaners - you should use one specifically developed for cleaning monitors with optical grade anti-glare coating. The Eizo screen cleaner kit is perfect and will last a long time.

Accurate Colour On The Go

BenQ have developed a unique product for Accurate Colour On The Go. 

Designed for any content makers who want high accuracy colour during on-location work.  This beast of a carry case will keep your investment in Ben SW monitor hardware safe and dry.  With customizable and an inbuilt VESA mount for the monitor, it is a robust and malleable solution to the portable studio problem.