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Nec Monitors

If you're considerig an NEC monitor in Australia in 2017 the conditions have drastically changed - and not for the better!

Please read our statement on NEC Monitors in 2017:

PA Series Monitors

The NEC PA Series of monitors offer an amazing combination of value, quality (through tremendous panels and excellent quality control) and ease of use (through direct hardware calibration).

For best calibration performance, remember that you must add two things:

  • Spectraview 2 Calibration Software
  • A compatible monitor calibrator (i1Display Pro is our recommended calibrator, or Spyder 4, 5, or ColorMunki).

Great colour accuracy, 3 year warranty and excellent competitive pricing mean these are a very popular choice.

High Bit Depth Colour LUTs

This means there is a high quality video engine built into the back of the monitor. When you make any adjustment on this monitor, such as to whitepoint or gamma, these adjustments are done with high bit depth mathematics. Just like in Photoshop, more bits = more quality and specifically smoothness. In practice what this means is you gain flexibility without compromising quality. You can calibrate to appropriate settings for paper simulation without inducing the artifacts that typical LCDs get when you calibrate them - such as banding in your gradients. These LUTs are critical for excellent performance with colour on LCD monitors.

10-Bit Input

The PA range all accept 10-bit inputs from graphics cards if available, meaning the signal transmission into these monitors is fundamentally higher quality (each channel having 1024 instead of 256 discrete signals). This means better, smoother colour and a signal more robust under extensive manipulation - such as the manipulation involved in doing gamut emulation in the monitor itself. More on 10-bit support.

Uniformity Compensation

Before leaving the factory, each screen is individually measured and then tuned across the entire display, resulting in a remarkably uniform display of colour and brightness - this is a traditional weakness of LCD screens.

P Series Monitors

The P series from NEC are the standard gamut colour accurate models.

These compare with Eizo EV models, however with NEC you can add Spectraview 2 and a compatible calibrator and achieve direct hardware calibration, which is not possible with the EV range.

Standard Gamut, IPS Panels

Displaying sRGB, these models are great for web work or simple video editing work. They have excellent IPS panels with great viewing angles and high contrast ratios.

Direct Hardware Calibration Capable

Add Spectraview and a compatible calibrator and enjoy the ease and quality benefits of direct hardware calibration.

EA Series Monitors

Looking for a more affordable but still high colour quality 4K option? Then check out the EA244.