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A Commitment to Quality

Eizo are a Japanese company that have earned themselves a sterling reputation in the graphics, photography and imaging markets.

While Eizo monitors are not the cheapest option out there, they offer clear quality advantages over other panels that more than compensate for their higher price tag. Unlike, say, Apple Cinema Displays, these screens are not simply re-badged panels from a variety of third party manufacturers that vary wildly in quality and consistency.

Eizo ColorEdge CS2420 24" Monitor
The very popular CS2420 - a perfect entry level professional 24" monitor with direct hardware calibration & a wide colour gamut!
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$1,388 RRP $1,485   (Save $97!)
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Eizo's control of the complete manufacturing process, and strong commitment to quality and testing, is what gives them the their edge over the competition. 

Using an Eizo screen, is a real pleasure. Superbly sharp, great viewing angles, and consistent, accurate, and repeatable colour are the key things - they calibrate so easily and accurately, and consistently over time, it's quite remarkable.

When comparing it to other premium priced panels like Dell Ultrasharps or Apple screens, the difference is simply night and day. A lot of the electronics in Eizo screens are specifically devoted to stability and consistency - things largely ignored by other brands but of great importance in professional imaging.

If you're serious about photography or image making, then Eizo screens are well worth the price of admission.

Combined with an accurate, simple monitor calibration system you will find your ability to visualise, accurately soft-proof, and make subtle, precise adjustments to your images is remarkably improved.

We use Eizo screens ourselves, and we will be happy to help you with any set-up and configuration questions you might have. A full range of accessories, such as monitor hoods are also available.

Eizo Support Details

As with all products purchased from Image Science, we are able to offer lifetime support - so if you have any issues or technical enquires please feel free to contact us.

For support directly through Eizo please find the contacts details listed below.