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Leaders in Calibrator Technology

If you're buying a calibrator you'd have to think long and hard before you consider any other brand...

X-Rite i1Display Pro
The benchmark monitor calibrator. Fast, accurate, easy to use, works with everything and very reliable. Our recommended calibrator.
Free Custom Printer Profile With This Monitor Calibrator!
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We've been selling and supporting X-Rite equipment for over a decade now and they're an excellent brand. Their key strength is hardware, and their options are routinely the best choices for most people with a deep interest in and need for colour accuracy.

In their i1 range, they have the industry standard monitor calibrator, and the industry standard general purpose calibration system. Almost every after-market RIP and calibration software made in the world today supports X-Rite measurement equipment, and quite frankly if you're buying a calibrator you'd have to think long and hard before you consider any other brand.

Calibration is a fine art, and can be tricky - make sure you buy your equipment from people who've been using the hardware and software in a production environment and have real world experience to build on. We use X-Rite equipment to calibrate our screens and printers for our fine art printing service, and it would be fair to say we've literally built a very successful fine art business on the results of X-Rite calibrations.

X-Rite Support Details

As with all products purchased from Image Science, we are able to offer lifetime support - so if you have any issues or technical enquires please feel free to contact us.

For support directly through X-Rite please find the contacts details listed below.