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Explores the contrast of geographic and human time scales.
28 Apr., 2014

Exploring themes of inner-city gentrification and homogenisation, impermanence and the banality and uncertainty of everyday life.
01 Apr., 2014

We scanned the negatives for Hunter and Max’s works featured in the exhibition using FlexColor in 3F mode.
28 Mar., 2014

Single-point photography shot through a warped lens and 6-point pinhole montages.
25 Mar., 2014

We couldn’t have picked a more deserving winner ourselves...
14 Nov., 2013

End of Year Student Folio Submissions & Exhibitions - 25% off sheet printing.
14 Oct., 2013

Opening on October 19th 2013 at Abbotsford Convent.
11 Oct., 2013

A series of new portraits inspired by natural history and Northern European folk tales.
03 Sep., 2013

​Ever seen one thousand origami paper bunnies?
21 Jun., 2013

Peter’s images are created through photographing his own self-made sculptures.
09 Apr., 2013