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Exhibition: Neu Order Group

28th March 2014 Exhibitions

The Neu Order group photography exhibition is taking place this Friday the 28th of March as part of the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival and will feature photography from a variety of international artists including Image Science clients Hunter Ryan and Max D’Orsogna. The exhibition features work that will make you question your perceptions of contemporary art and fashion photography.

We scanned the negatives for Hunter and Max’s works featured in the exhibition using FlexColor in 3F mode – FlexColor is the software used with Imacon and Hasselblad Flextight scanners. This software allows us to produce a proper RAW 3F file and then the photographer can develop this file on a ‘Virtual Scanner’ within the FlexColor software to produce the final output TIFF. This approach can produce best possible results, particularly with colour negative film, as the user can experiment with ALL the features & profiles available in FlexColor for negative processing – something we just can’t do, given time constraints, for every single scan.

The learning curve is steeper than a traditional ‘finished scan’ approach, but it gives the photographer far greater control over the results and is very much like working with digital negatives from digital cameras. You can even multi-process, that is produce two TIFFs from your original, one for shadows and another for highlights, then blend in Photoshop. If you’re interested in having your negatives scanned this way, just ask – there is no extra charge for this service. You’ll get back your raw scans and the FlexColor software (Mac or PC) for processing the files from raw to TIFF.

The exhibition is free and opens this Friday the 28th of March from 6:00pm till late at 15 York Street in Richmond.