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Featured Artist: Lara Cameron From Ink and Spindle

23rd May 2012 Featured Artists

Many moons ago a very nice young lady by the name of Lara Cameron visited the offices of Image Science to have some fine art prints made on cotton rag and canvas. Lara was then a local of North Melbourne and so we got to chatting. At the time Lara was paying the bills with web design work, having not so long ago graduated, but it was immediately clear she had more creative & crafty goals in mind.

Fast forward several years of very hard work and she is now the über famous Lara Cameron of Ink and Spindle fame. Ink and Spindle is a great, distinctly Melbourne type of business located about 10 minutes from our offices in the popular ‘creative’s hub’ of Kensington. They are designers and makers of gourmet, screen printed organic, enviro-friendly fabrics that end up in all sorts of places – upholstery, handbags, curtains, you name it!

Recently, Lara felt like stretching her design wings again, and commissioned us to undertake some new personal printing work for her. All of us here thought the end result was fantastic, so we thought we would share her wonderful work with you all. Lara has written a post on her most recent visit to us on her own blog here.

The final framed prints are very impressive, as you can see below. These prints are made on our Epson 9900 using Hahnemuhle’s gorgeous, eco-friendly archival paper, Bamboo. Lara has priced them very reasonably and they are selling rather well – you can buy your own in their shop if you’re quick! JD is thinking about a set of these for the central passage in his own home….

Along with these personal prints of Lara’s, we have also recently worked with her on a large project for Kayell and Epson, producing a display of alternative inkjet printing materials for the upcoming Digital Show (see below for more!)

Fine Art Prints

Proteaflora print series by Lara Cameron
How to Set Up Your Files For Print!

Information & Templates

So, what steps did Lara need to take in order for us to print her amazing work easily and without issue? Well, firstly all files that get sent through to us need to be prepared correctly in order for us to be able to quickly turn the job around. Jeremy has written a simple to follow preparation article that can be found here that explains what we require you to have ready before you send your files through to us. In this case, Lara provided her print ready images as digital files sent through to us using our dropbox uploading facility. Of course, if anything doesn’t make sense, or you have a question, don’t hesitate to either call us on (03) 9329 4522 or send us an email.

A quick way to make sure you’re setting up your files correctly is to make use of our Photoshop templates. Keep in mind we can not print full bleed on sheets, and thus we require whitespace to be included within your prepared files (see example to left) – and because of the whitespace, should you want your image to be, for example, A3 full bleed, you would actually need to print the image on A3+paper and trim down from there.

How To Send Us Files For Printing

Sending your files to us is a separate process to making your order - we have a dedicated online file drop for this.

Send Us Files Here

Your next step is to actually send the files through to us (or drop them in if you are a Melbourne local). Again, Jeremy has written some simple to follow instructions on how best to get the files through to us here.

Please also note that all print orders that are either sent to us digitally or through the post need to have an accompanying online order to go with it. Until the online order is complete, we will not be able to print your work. Once we have received your files and online order you will receive an email from our Services Department updating the status of your job. The next time you will hear from us is either when you prints are ready to be collected, or when they have been mailed out to you.

PhotoTex and Fabric Printing

As I mentioned up above, Lara has recently worked alongside our good friends Kayell and ourselves to produce a range of fabric and adhesive prints that you will be able to see at this weekends Digital Show in Melbourne. We will be getting down there hopefully on Friday, so come say hello if you see either Jeremy or myself wandering around.

The images below were all printed on our wonderful Epson 9900. I’ll try to explain as best I can what has been done and used to produce each item. Mostly printed on our excellent Chinese Silk product as part of our custom fabric printing service, but also cotton, linen and PhotoTex were used.

When printing with the Epson 9900, it is possible to print continuously for many metres at a time. As such, this allows artists to tessellate multiple images to form a single print, which can then be cut down afterwards, which can often save you time and money.

Detail of our Chinese Silk product coming out of the Epson 9900 printer.

Lara has used very hard abstract triangular pieces mixed in with a kind of spray/splatter effect. I had to double take when initially looking at this image. So realistic.

Again you can see the splatter effect mixed in with the abstract triangles.

Images featuring the Proteaflora image Lara printed previously with us (top), now on our Silk product looking great.

Detail shot of a Proteaflora image from Lara Cameron.

Having only printed on this product a few times before, we were pleasantly surprised at the results. PhotoTex is a semi-rough textured removable adhesive fabric. It feels kind of like fabric crossed with vinyl. Would this be something you may be interested in printing on? Let us know.

Really liked this pattern. Will be interesting to see how it is displayed at the Digital Show.

Detail shot showing the texture and good sharp edges of the PhotoTex product.

Well there you have it – two great projects for and with, one lovely client!