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Film Scanning Prices

Film FormatResolutionResolutionFile SizePrints at 300 PPI toPrice (Incl. GST)
35mmMedium2500/16 Bit48 Mb11.5 by 7.5 inches (30 by 20cm)$7.50
High5000/16 Bit190 Mb23.5 by 15.5 inches (60 by 40cm)$12
24 by 65mm (XPan)Medium3150/16 Bit136 Mb26 by 10 inches (68 by 25cm)$10
High6300/16 Bit550 Mb54 by 20 inches (136 by 50cm)$25
6 by 4.5cmMedium2000/16 Bit96 Mb16 by 12 inches (40 by 30cm)$10
High4000/16 Bit380 Mb32 by 24 inches (80 by 60cm)$20
6 by 6 through to 6 by 9cmMedium1600/16 Bit82 Mb12.5 by 12.5 inches (32 by 32cm)$10
High3200/16 Bit328 Mb25 by 25 inches (64 by 64cm)$20
6 by 12cmMedium 1600/16 Bit164 Mb25 by 12.5 inches (64 by 32cm)$12.50
High3200/16 Bit654 Mb50 by 25 inches (128 by 64cm)$25
6 by 17cmMedium1600/16 Bit232 Mb35.5 by 12.5 inches (91 by 32cm)$20
High3200/16 Bit926 Mb71 by 25 inches (181 by 64cm)$35
4 by 5 InchesMedium1020/16 Bit120 Mb17 by 13.5 inches (43 by 34cm)$15
High2040/16 Bit476 Mb34 by 27 inches (86 by 69cm)$25