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Ordering Information

Here's a quick summary of how this works:

  1. Submit your online order and supply any notes required.
  2. Send your film to us or drop it into our North Melbourne office.
  3. We'll keep you up to date as we process your order (note our current turnarounds).

Film Scanning Prices

Medium Resolution scans are for screen and small to medium prints, High Resolution scans are for large prints. 

That said, to minimise work, we generally recommend you scan just once - so if in doubt, always scan at the highest quality.

FormatMedium Res.

High Res.


2500/16 Bit

48 Mb

5000/16 Bit

190 Mb
24 by 65mm (XPan)$10
3150/16 Bit

136 Mb
6300/16 Bit

550 Mb

6 by 4.5cm$10
2000/16 Bit

96 Mb

4000/16 Bit

380 Mb

6 by 6 to 6 by 9cm$10
1600/16 Bit

82 Mb

3200/16 Bit

328 Mb 

6 by 12cm$12.50
1600/16 Bit

164 Mb

3200/16 Bit

654 Mb

6 by 17cm$20
1600/16 Bit

232 Mb

3200/16 Bit

926 Mb

4 by 5 Inches$15
1020/16 Bit

120 Mb

2040/16 Bit

476 Mb