Basic File Setup / Trimming

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Add a Basic File Setup / Trimming option to your Fine Art Printing order.

Basic File Setup / Trimming Master Image
Basic File Setup / Trimming Master Image


If you don't have the time, equipment or the knowledge - leave it to us.

Basic File Setups:

For any simple layouts, we can set up your files for print for only $5 per layout. 

Simply add one setup per layout to your order and provide clear and precise information on the dimensions and white space requirements in the notes section in the order form.

A simple layout is anything that we can complete in less than 10 minutes and includes:

  • Laying out images on a template
  • Simple adjustments such as brightness, colour & contrast
  • Print sharpening
  • Cropping
  • Straightening horizons

If you have any questions or more complex layout needs feel free to contact us.  Complex layout work is charges as retouching work - $80/hr with a half hour minimum.


We offer a simple trimming service, also for $5 per image.  This service offers cutting of one image to size (up to 4 cuts) - using crop marks you must place in your file.

If your cropping needs are more involved, feel free to contact us.

Complex trimming work is charged as retouching work - $80/hr with a half hour minimum.