Windows 10 Version 1903 ICC Profile Issues (Update Now!)

5th August 2019 General Articles

Unfortunately, some folks have encountered significant issues with Windows 10 version 1903 and monitor ICC profiles (seems to affect 10 bit panels in particular, such as those from Eizo and BenQ).

The results we're seeing are resulting in failing validations after calibrations.  It seems as if the calibration adjustments are not actually being applied.

This issue is affecting a multitude of systems - Eizo have a support note for example (although they are now stating it is solved by the latest update, see below).  It also affects BenQ hardware calibration monitors, as well as other monitors using simple software calibration. 

In short, any monitor calibration scenario may be affected.

What To Do

The first thing to do is check which Windows version you have. Microsoft have a simple guide for this.

Not yet running Version 1903?

If you're not yet running version 1903, simply hold off updating for a while until the problem is confirmed solved in all cases.

Already running Version 1903?

An update had just been released that seems to solve the issues....most of the time!  Go to your Control Panel -> Updates and click 'Check For Updates' - you should see a new update called 'Cumulative Update for Windows 1903' is available.   Download and install this update.

After installing this specific update (KB4505903), also update your graphics card drivers to the very latest version (visiting NVIDIA/AMD/Intel directly is usually the best way to do this).

Reboot, then re-run any/all monitor calibrations. 

This has solved the issue in all cases we've seen so far.