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Welcome To Our New Website

28th July 2016 Image Science News

Welcome to the new Image Science website!  For some of our regular customers, it will feel like quite a change after 8 years with the previous site!  We’ve got a new logo and we’ve re-built the website entirely – but rest assured nothing has changed behind the scenes in terms of quality, service and value.

After almost 15 years, Jeremy is still here providing personalised advice on which monitors, calibrators, printers or paper to buy and overseeing scanning and printing jobs while also managing to develop an entire website from scratch!   If you have an interest in web development, you can read Jeremy’s epic tale of the website development journey here.

We thought what better way to introduce you to the new website than a Q & A with the creator himself. 

Q & A

What were your key objectives in developing the site?

There has always been three key components to our business. Retail products, services and knowledge.

For a really long time now, I’ve wanted to better integrate these aspects of the business in a way that will help customers make better sense of the myriad of product choices we offer. After literally years and years of helping customers choose the right products and service, I have developed a very good idea of what information they need to make a decision. 

So the site has been built with that very much in mind – how can we get people the right information, more quickly?  And do so in a way that isn’t too over-whelming with detail, whilst still having that detail for those that do want it?

How have you made it easier for customers to choose the right products?

We’ve built our business based on the fact that we actually understand and use the products that we sell and in many cases use them ourselves in our own service offerings. The new site brings these insights out of the knowledge base, and right onto the product pages.

1)      The range explained – each of our product category pages fully explains the products we sell and where they fit into the broader range.  Like a buying guide but with the products right there to add to your cart.  The idea here is you’ll quickly get a sense of which major features you need and the products on offer, so you won’t have to wade through e.g. every Eizo monitor to narrow down your choice.

2)      Recommendations – people always ask me which products I would recommend. We’ve now included our recommendations and favourites for all categories right up front, not hidden away in separate articles. Very helpful when navigating e.g. through 78 different fine art papers!

What about services? Can you place printing, scanning and profiling orders on the new site?

Definitely!  This is an area that we were keen to improve significantly as on the old site the process was a bit clunky. You can now place your orders through one central page for each service by using our user friendly online services order form.

I was able to include a notes field per line item so you can make notes about the file you want printed or other details as you go.  The form is both flexible and simple to use, and feedback on it so far has been very positive.

I also added a new direct to Image Science online file uploader so you can send us your files quickly and easily – Hightail, Dropbox etc. can just be too slow at times!

The knowledge base articles have been very popular over the years. How have these changed on the new site?

I wanted the knowledge base articles to have a much more graphic and magazine style to them.  Because while I love the web, I’m also a huge fan of printed media and good typography.  Especially with content that’s supposed to stand the test of time, I think presentation is a very important factor.

One absolutely key goal was to interweave the things we’re talking about (products that can solve problems and help people make amazing things) – right in to the discussion.  So you can now add products to your cart directly from articles, allowing you to continue reading without leaving the page. 

You can also save your favourite articles to your customer dashboard for easy review at a later date.

What about your Digital Fine Print book?

I’m glad you asked. I actually updated this content last year for a training course I ran, but had not updated it on the old website. I finally spent about a couple of weeks formatting the revised content and creating a system that would allow me to revise the text over time and then easily convert into updated web pages, PDF, ePub and Mobi book reader formats - all generated from the same single source.

Just another technical challenge of building the new site, but quite satisfying having this content finally in book form. It is now called ‘Fundamentals of Digital’ and whilst the content is all freely available on the website, if you want an easier to read version, the eBooks are available for purchase for $10 here.