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Photoshop CS6 Is Shaping Up To Be Interesting

16th February 2012 General Articles

This latest sneak peak video is pretty amazing:

It will be interesting to see how well this holds up at the pixel level though – usually these ooh aah magic things are fine for quick and dirty web work, but quickly fall apart for quality print work. I still do 90% of this sort of thing with very careful use of the clone
tool….and to be really great at it (few are) you need to be very well practiced in the relationship between small and big views of your image.

Indeed, in general this is a failing of many retouchers/image makers –people look at me like I am from outer space when I tell them they need to retouch their images differently for big prints as opposed to smaller prints – but it’s quite obvious really, and easily testable. Shadows spread across bigger areas of bigger prints will be perceived as lighter than on smaller prints. So in general, large images need slight printing down in the shadows…it’s these sorts of psychologically based tricks (and there are hundreds) – that separate the merely good printers from the great ones…

All the other sneak peaks can be seen here

…I am liking the new UI – the UI has been a shambles since CS2 really, so it is definitely time for a cleanup and if it ends up being more Lightroom like, that’s a good thing – the Lightroom UI is generally excellent, although only on bigger screens….