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Featured Artist: David Curelea

5th August 2015 Featured Artists

David Curelea is a Melbourne based photographer who has been working with us for many years now. We have seen his photographic style evolve from traditional landscapes into a more photo-documentry style.

His exhibition, “Uneroded By Time: China”, is a thought provoking photo-documentry of life spanning across a 24hr period in a small village in the heart of China. David uses both black & white and colour images to capture the spirit of the village - moving through from morning to night. All images are printed on the beautiful Canson Infinity Platine – a fibre based paper, perfect for showcasing both the black & white and vibrant colour images captured by David! We thorougly recommend setting aside a day to go and have a look at this and all the other amazing exhibitions around Ballarat during the Festival.

Timeless Reflection from Uneroded by Time China Series
Timeless Reflection from Uneroded by Time China Series

Education and background:
I switched from a successful IT career to construction part-time providing the flexibility to make my Fine Art Photography career possible. I also carry out some commercial photography and teach a photography short course.

I’m relatively ‘self-taught’ which means I’ve learnt amazing things from other great artists, photographers, podcasts, articles and image experts such as Image Science.

Where are you based?
Ballarat and Melbourne.

How long have you been a visual artist?
Eight years part-time now.

What camera/equipment do you use?
I use a Nikon D300 DSLR for shooting RAW digital and Pentax MZ-S 35mm SLR for pro-film photography. Lenses cover ultra wide to long telephoto ranges and fast lenses where possible.

Describe your photographic style and how it has evolved over the years.
Initially, I was sure Landscapes, Nature, and Macro subjects would be all I would ever want to photograph. Now People, Portraits, Abstract and Street Photography blend with these prominently in my work, as it has taken a turn towards a Photo-documentary style of photo art. My style was quite traditional to begin with but has broadened to include contemporary and experimental approaches.

What are your main creative influences?
I think it’s ultimately appreciating the great power that a photograph has in capturing a never to be repeated moment of ‘life’ in time – ‘the decisive moment’. That moment can visually communicate so much life, emotion and thoughts, and its capturing that moment and seeing it move others and yourself for years to come – that’s what fuels me most.

Also, I’ve always had a desire to explore and discover what we don’t initially discern, such as the beauty concealed in abstract and macro forms or other structures in our world. In terms of other Photographic Artists as main influences I would have to say Henri Cartier-Bresson, Raghu Rai, Sebastiao Salgado and Ansel Adams.

What do you feel is your biggest achievement to date?
The Uneroded By Time China project which was photographed across a 24hr period resulting in 17 artworks for exhibition. From these, 3 artworks I’ve marketed more, and the result has been 8 International nominations and awards achieved for fine art photography.

Tell us a little about your upcoming exhibition:
The Uneroded By Time China exhibition photo-documents life across a 24hr period in a small village in the heart of China that’s lost but not eroded by millenniums of time. It starts from morning as B&W photography and then shifts to color as day turns to night, and this was necessary to genuinely represent the spirit of the place. All details at www.unerodedbytime.com

What’s next?
Exhibiting the above in Melbourne. Another major exhibition in the backlog is the ‘High Altitude Humanity - China’ exhibition. Currently shooting two other projects and many standalone pieces.

Uneroded by Time China Exhibition
Uneroded by Time China Exhibition