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Finding Printer Profiles for the Epson P906 and P706

1st October 2020 Product News

Just a quick one to help you new printer owners get started with your machines.

Due to COVID, it's fair to say that the availability of stock ICC paper profiles for the new Epson printers, the P706 and P906, is not yet very good.

In talks with various manufacturers, they have told us they simple haven't had the staff capacity to make these new profiles up (as many factories are operating on skeleton staff levels).  Also, the incredible delays with delivery of the printers themselves has also affected the paper suppliers.

A few salient points may help you in your search though: 

  • The P906 is known as the P900 in other markets.
  • The P706 is known as the P700 in other markets.
  • These printers are all, from a profile point of view, identical - a profile made for any of them should work well for all of them when looking, make sure when you search for profiles you look for all of those models - P700, P706, P900, and P906.

Also - remember a profile is useless without the exact settings for which that profile is made
Make sure you download and use those settings, and only those settings, with any profile you download.

Of course, once you've chosen some papers you like, you should get more accurate customer printer profiles made.  (If you bought your printer from us, you get two of these for free!).

Epson SureColor P906 A2 Inkjet Printer
A compact A2 inkjet printer capable of producing outstanding exhibition-grade prints from the convenience of your studio desktop.
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  • Carriage WidthA2 (17", 432mm)
  • Inkset Type (# Inks)Pigment (10)
  • High Quality Black & White?
  • Roll Paper Support? (w. accessory)
Epson SureColor P706 A3+ Inkjet Printer
An affordable, high quality and sleekly designed A3+ home-studio printer for creative professionals.
Two Free Custom Printer Profiles (worth $100) With Any Printer Purchase!
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  • Carriage WidthA3+ (13", 330mm)
  • Inkset Type (# Inks)Pigment (10)
  • High Quality Black & White?
  • Roll Paper Support?Yes