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Exhibition Visit: Space Invaders and Nior

2nd September 2011 Exhibitions

So yesterday afternoon, last minute, a friend of mine told me about two exhibition openings in the city. So, having left my camera at home AGAIN, I arrived armed only with my iPhone to check them both out. Apologies again for the image quality…..I think its time for me to get a point and shoot camera to carry with me 24/7 for such emergencies.

The first opening we checked out was Space Invaders at RMIT Gallery and the second being Nior at No Vacancy project space at Federation Square. Both really good displays of street inspired art, past and present. Well worth checking both of them out if you have time.

Space Invaders

How I never heard about this travelling down from the NGA to open in Melbourne is beyond me. But it would appear that I am not the only one who did not know about this opening, as to be honest, the turn out was FAR from what this exhibition deserved. Beyond that, a triptych piece of art was hung out of order and they didn’t allow visitors to take drinks in to the gallery. This was bizarre seeing as MOST of this work could originally be seen down back alleyways covered in rubbish, bodily fluids and last nights souvlaki. Anyhow, enjoy the following images, and do get yourself along to this exhibit, especially those into street art in Melbourne from the 2003/04 period.


I’ve been a fan of Nior for some time now, and even had him take part in my Small Art Show in 2010. Nior is a fantastic artist, busting out some of the thinnest lines you will ever see, and he is a nice guy to boot. Couldn’t hang around long last night, but got a few shots for you all. Definitely worth dropping in to should you be in the area.