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Exhibition: Rena Littleson - My 2 Cents

6th February 2012 Exhibitions

I’m currently taking part in my own kind of “FebFast”, and as such I have been trying to avoid my local watering holes and gallery openings offering free drinks etc. But I just HAD to make it along to the opening of the most recent showing of Rena Littleson, as I’m a big fan and consider myself some what of a friend.

In the past year, Rena has been producing work non-stop, in a variety of mediums, but always with her awesome sense of humour embedded in each piece. Check out some of the work on her website, and you will see what I mean. Also, some of the following images may be a little ‘risque’, but keep in mind it is all in jest.

Get along to the “My 2 Cents” at Egg Gallery, Wednesday to Sunday, 11am to 5pm between now and the 13th of February.

All visitors need to wear some funky specs to enjoy the artwork.