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Exhibition: Maya Hayuk and Kyle Ranson

25th January 2012 Exhibitions

After hitting up what I consider the best Vietnamese Phở in Melbourne CBD, Pho Dzung (or, Cow and Chicken, due to its logo) for dinner, I slowly made my way over to Jane Bell Lane within QV Shopping Centre to attend the Maya Hayuk and Kyle Ranson show at No Vacancy Gallery, as part of the Sugar Mountain Festival.

I’ve seen quite a bit of Maya Hayuk’s work online before and really dig some of the installations and artwork she has produced, so I was pretty keen to check this exhibition out. While I liked some of the art on display, I couldn’t help but think that it was all a little rushed together and not all the work seemed to flow. The framing was low end at best, which really let a few of the pieces down, in my opinion. But still, I tried to take her work for what it was, vibrant and super colourful, so I and many others, enjoyed it.

I had not heard of Kyle Ranson before this show, and while I enjoyed his work, it was so busy in the gallery that I failed to take more than one photo. Check Google Images though, for a whole bunch of his work.

Maya Hayuk

You really need to see these pieces to understand just how bright these colours are. My iPhone camera does not do these colours justice.

Kyle Ranson

The following image is the only one I got of Kyle Ranson’s work. This installation was massive, and really quite impressive. He had a few smaller pieces for sale, but to see them you are going to need to go down to No Vacancy and check it out for yourself.

While at No Vacancy, I FINALLY had the opportunity to collect work that I purchased towards the end of 2011 from the artist, Makatron. This piece is only a print of the original, but it is massive and looks amazing on my wall. While this particular print was not done by us here at Image Science, it is exactly the type of art reproduction work that we do extremely well and are renowned for.