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Exhibition: Beastman and Phibs

30th April 2012 Exhibitions

It has been a while between blog posts and exhibition visits for that matter. But with the trusty new Image Science digital camera in hand, I ventured on out to Collingwood to take in two of Sydney’s finest on display across 2 galleries. While a new camera is great, it seems my point and shoot photography skills need a little work. I’m a little rusty after sitting with film and my iPhone for the past 2 years.


First up was Phibs with “Perfectly Imperfect” at Backwoods Gallery. Phibs has a style all of his own, and I was interested to see how he would bring his tight street work into the gallery. While I enjoyed most of the work, in particular the drawn works, I felt that he should have dropped some REALLY big canvases that would have suited his style more. The mural at the entrance was popping off the wall as the colours were that strong. Overall, this show was pretty nice, and I felt a step up from the last Phibs show I checked out well over a year ago, making me look forward to what he does next.


After Phibs, we ventured across the road and around the corner to check out Beastman with “Natural Progression” at House of Bricks. I’ve been a big fan of Beastman for awhile now, and mentioned him in a blog post back in 2011. Yet, I’ve never actually seen his work in person, so I’ve been building this exhibition up in my head for a while now.

The detail to the canvas work on display was stunning, and true to his style, ridiculously symmetrical. I really liked the smaller works that formed part of an installation, and was disappointed that none of these works were on sale. While I took a lot of pictures, I missed the one printed work that was available. Really enjoyed this show though. So colourful, which is not normally my thing, but lines…LINES…they are my thing, and Beastman’s work is line-tastic.

What formed the end of a good night was this random performance piece being staged at a Wellington Street petrol station that I was taken along to. I didn’t get many shots off, but from what I could gather there was about 9 actors “acting” like slowmotion shoppers. Was interesting to see onlookers, actors and genuine customers interact. While an odd performance, I found it quite hilarious, and glad I caught it.