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Best of 2011: Artists

12th December 2011 General Articles

So, to continue on with our run of 2011 year in review blog posts, I would like to feature a few artists that we have had the pleasure of either working with here at Image Science, or are artists that have inspired us over the course of 2011. This is a pretty personally biased list of artists, so if you can think of other artists we should feature/check out, let us know in the comments or hit us up on Facebook. All the following images are copyright of their rightful owners.

Michael Peck

I was lucky enough to peer in to Michael’s studio earlier this year, and got to see his paintings in progress for his recently sold out exhibition. At his exhibition at Metro Gallery, I was simply blown away at the sheer amount of work he had done, but also the feedback from those in attendance, all who loved the work. These paintings are HUGE in real life, highly detailed and just beautiful. Click here to be taken to his website.

Jeremy Geddes

Another local Melbourne artist and friend of Image Science is Jeremy Geddes. Little really needs to be said, as his amazing artwork speaks for itself.

Dabs and Myla

Dabs and Myla are a Melbourne artist couple currently travelling the world, doing amazing artwork and installations. I really dig the fanciful and cute nature of their characters and their immaculate colour combinations.

Os Gemeos

Out of brazil, Os Gemeos, or in English, The Twins, are two brothers who I have been following for many years. Their most recent exhibition in October was simply amazing and a must see.


Beastman (Brad Eastman) out of Sydney has been very busy throughout 2011, and it was his work at Outpost and painting the 4ZZZ building in Brisbane that really made it for me. Such detailed work and so bright and symmetrical, you can’t help but enjoy his work.

As mentioned at the top, this is a rather short and some what personally biased list of what has inspired me/us this year. I would love to check out other artists you think did well in 2011, and add them in to this post.