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Eizo’s ‘Gaming Monitor’ Is Pretty Darn Good For Image Work Too…And Cheap!!

9th October 2012 Product News

The low end monitor market – and by this I mean low end monitors in the context of colour accurate work, not really low end consumer rubbish like Apple, Dell, BenQ etc. put out – has been a bit in flux lately with the loss of NEC’s great little and very affordable P221W model, and no really comparable replacement from NEC so far. This has meant monitors in the sub $1000 market have all been – to be frank – a bit crap for colour work…but Eizo has actually had a surprisingly good but kind of well hidden option available, and the recently upgraded 2012 model is actually a real bargain.

The problem is, it’s been hidden by some pretty awful marketing – or at least, misdirected marketing. It’s been pitched heavily as a gaming monitor – but some of the attributes that make it good for gaming also of course make it good for imaging work, both still and video. So let us introduce you to the very pretty and very useful FS2333:

Here is why we think they are a really good option for imaging professionals on a budget:

  • Eizo-quality IPS Panel (non glossy, and mercury free LED back-light so very low power usage & environmentally friendly)
  • Eizo’s unmatched 5 year warranty
  • They calibrate easily and very well for imaging work
    (with Eizo’s EasyPix 2 offering very easy to use direct hardware calibration)
  • Good size & full HD – 23″ wide-screen, 1920 by 1080, 16:9
  • HDMI inputs – so perfect to plug straight in to your laptop, for example (also has DVI-D and standard VGA)
  • Very fast refresh of 3.4ms, so great for video/AV work (at 1:1 resolution)
  • In built speakers! Keeps the desk tidy. It’s a little thing but I really wish more monitors had these.
  • Carrying handle and compact size means it would work very well as a portable studio model for tethered shooting etc.

As a special introductory offer and exclusive to Image Science, we have 5 of these going super cheap. They are technically ‘ex-demo’ – they were lightly used on an Eizo trade stand for just one weekend but have been audited by Eizo and re-packed and are entirely as new, and come with the full warranty. Normally $855 and excellent value even at that price, these 5 are just $655 and there is absolutely nothing that can touch them at a similar price. (EDIT: This promotion has now ended, but we currently have new stock at an even BETTER price of $560.)

First in best dressed! Please phone your order through on (03) 9329 4522

(Oh – and if you do do some gaming – they’re is nothing better, frankly – these are the monitors the pro-gamers use!).