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Best of 2011: Photography

14th December 2011 General Articles

This is without a doubt going to cause some contention, as this year has just seen so many amazing photographers and photography trends come through! I encourage you all that read this, to send in those photographers/photography trends you think did well in 2011 and I will add them to this list. All images are copyright of the artist.

KC Ortiz

Having one of his first ever shows in LA this year,KC Ortiz’s documentary photography is both confronting and beautiful. Shot in a variety of remote and dangerous locations around the world, I’m sure you will enjoy his work.

Kane Hibberd

After a very successful couple of exhibitions in both Melbourne and Sydney, Kane Hibberd has had a massive year in photography and has been hitting the front page of magazines non-stop throughout 2011. While I may not be a massive fan of many of the bands/artists that Kane shoots, his ability to take them out of the standard shooting environment and do something different is what I really dig about his work. Plus, having worked with him this year, he is an alright guy as well.

Megan Cullen

Brisbane born and raised, but now Melbourne based, Megan Cullen has a great body of work, of which I have only recently stumbled upon. I look forward to seeing more from her in the future.

Jason Edwards

Jason Edwards is not only a friend of Image Science, but as far as I am concerned has one of the coolest jobs on the planet. Shooting for National Geographic Magazine, Jason gets to travel consistently and document some of the most amazing locations, animals, ecosystems and events on the planet. Plus, he is a really nice guy to boot.

Steve McCurry

Ok, I realise that Steve McCurry is HUGE in the world of photography and not necessarily new, but he still manages to motivate and inspire everyone with his work in 2011. Nothing much to say about the man, but to let his images speak for him.