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2 Interesting Articles: Photoshop Performance Tuning & Colour Grading in Films

4th October 2011 General Articles

Today we just have some pointers to some interesting off site articles.

One is a companion piece to our Photoshop PC article that tells you how to have built a really great quality, super fast Photoshop specific PC. Once you have had your PC built and delivered, you can follow this Adobe guide to get maximum performance from your new machine.

There’s also a good article about how movies are being ruined by continuous, obvious grading techniques. Warning – once you are conscious of what they are doing you will see it being used everywhere, and it may annoy you!!

Grading, when done well, can make images look fantastic (and the Nik Color Efex program is a really great tool for doing good grading, easily!) – but if it’s always the same look, over and over again, it can get more than a little tiring.