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Designed in Melbourne, Australia by Palette

Palette Pico Portable Colour Reader

[IS sku: HPC_PICO]

The smallest, quickest & most affordable digital colour reader - from the makers of Palette Cube!


Introducing Pico by Palette, the smallest and most affordable digital colour reader ever designed.

With the tap of a button, Pico finds the RGB and HEX colour of a surface. There are other colour spaces as well, like LAB, CMYK and LRV. Pico also finds matches in popular colour palettes, such as British Standards. (Edit 2021: We see Dulux paint colour matching has been added, too - see what information does the Pico provide for more details).

Pico is designed for any designer who works with colour. It significantly improves the traditionally time-consuming colour matching process, and is a leap forward from current colour matching devices.

The Pico device seamlessly pairs with the Pico smartphone app using Bluetooth.

The Pico Device performs at the same level of accuracy as existing colour matching devices which cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. Thanks to Palette's latest generation technology, the Pico Device is a magnitude smaller, more robust and a­ffordable.


The Pico Device has been third-party verified to be among the most accurate colour matching tools available. Matching accuracy on collections of thousands of colours is typically 90% or higher. The device has been designed to be more sensitive on near-white colours (the most critical to get right).

Fast Sampling a colour takes less than one second, with the results almost instantaneously available for the user to view.

Seamless Pairing

Setting up the device with the Pico app takes less than a minute. Once the initial setup is complete, pairing the device with the app is automatic and instantaneous. No need to navigate through Bluetooth settings. Just open the app, turn on the Pico Device, and Pico is ready to use.


Built almost entirely from brushed aluminium, the Pico device is tough and able to withstand significant abuse without any deterioration in quality.

Its sensor is recessed and protected by a cap when not in use, which also doubles as a calibration tile, keeping the device accurate at all times. A lanyard helps keep the device conveniently attached.

Full Specifications: Palette Product Page

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