Epson Stylus Pro 3880 Inks

80ml Ink Cartridges of the fantastic, well-tested Epson Ultrachrome K3 ink and maintenance tanks for the Epson 3880.

Complete Set of Inks (all 9) (sku: I3880_FullSet) $711.00
Photo Black T5801 (sku: I3880_T5801) $79.00
Matte Black T5808 (sku: I3880_T5808) $79.00
Light Black T5807 (sku: I3880_T5807) $79.00
Light Light Black T5809 (sku: I3880_T5809) $79.00
Cyan T5802 (sku: I3880_T5802) $79.00
Light Cyan T5805 (sku: I3880_T5805) $79.00
Vivid Magenta T580A (sku: I3880_T580A) $79.00
Vivid Light Magenta T580B (sku: I3880_T580B) $79.00
Yellow T5804 (sku: I3880_T5804) $79.00
Maintenance Tank (sku: I3880_T582000) $22.00


The Epson 3880 comes with 9 economical 80ml ink cartridges with quality Epson Ultrachrome K3 ink - includes the enhanced Vivid Magenta Inks, allowing you to achieve superb quality colour prints with rich, accurate colour and easy, neutral black and white prints.


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